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Winlog32 latest news and development history
Minor Update File available 14 Auguest 2023

Release of minor update version 7.3 build 49 14 August 2023.
incorporates all fixes/changes from build 48 beta test file.

Minor changes to Clublog realtime upload (multi-instance bug fix)

Callsign Search mini-window, upped clear callsign timer by 10 seconds

Rig Control (All Windows)
Added option to add flag to user field (e.g. to identify radio used)
Normalised many functions
Rig types select, display rig name in main menu rig list instead of a defauly list
Kenwood RCW added polling function, which may be required in some circumstance.

Band display
Corrected action when transverting

Winkey, improved contest interaction with Log

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Minor Update File available 10 May 2023

Release of minor update version 7.3 build 47 10 May 2023.

WAZ Database.
Added function to override internal WAZ derived from callsign.
Enter WAZ=## anywhere in Remarks field.

Real Time logging Interface.
UDP: Changed some functionality.
Significantly, added ADIF QSO data packets from other software.
Supports 'VarAC' and 'Grid Tracker' using option 'ADIF'.
If Winlog32 is not listed in VarAC or Grid Tracker versions, select option 'Log4OM'.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Full Update File available 3 February 2023

Release of Full update version 7.3 build 46 February 2023.

Full installation package available, no minor update available at this time.

This full version incoporates all changes from previous minor updates builds 44 & 45

Reports - Charts
Fixed minor calc. bug in QSLIn/QSLOUT Graph

Better handling of deprecated modes and submodes from ADIF (import only)

Added new ADIF Data modes to modes.txt file and handling where truncating necessary for Winlog32 and re-handling on export.

Satellite working
Added new sat ID's and extended functions to include future sat names in separate file 'satellites.txt' a user editable text file in your Winlog32/Data sub-folder.

WAE Database update (Kosovo entity coded)

Remote UDP added 'Hide' option (minimise on startup)

Prefix update
Beacon Update
LoTW latest list included (Jan 2023)

You may get a warning from Microsoft "This software is not commonly downloaded"
Microsoft have been informed but this takes a while for them to update.
It IS possible to skip the warning "..." (more) and "Keep anyway"
You may also get similar warnings when trying to install the software, you can safely skip these.

The above illustrates the problems I have from latest Windows op/sys., when releasing a full install executable file, for this reason alone, there will not be any further full releases after build 46 (this version).
Only minor updates will be released from now on which will require a manual install (copy/paste)

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Minor update File available 30 April 2022

Release of Minor Update - build 45 April 2022

A minor and non-critical update to the executable to implement a few requests and changes.

WAE Database
Changes to update routine, if additional entities are not flagged by Prefix database by entering WAE *Country* flag in Remarks field e.g. Kosovo, Sicily, Shetland.

Fixed problem where a "V" in QSLIN does not allow (example "BV") update QSL Card confirmed status in USCH Database.

Double-click on text window will pre-fill with text found in remarks and User fields but only if Infolink text is empty.

ADIF Logging interfaces (WSJT/JTDX etc)
If PWR (list) is set to "OFF" then Power value is not added irrespective of other settings.
VHF: If band between 28 and 144 MHz, autocorrect prop "TR" to "ES" and v/v at set distance (500km)
User field is updated with Distance in KM when option "AutoAdd" in Options is enabled.

Custom Lists
A non standard band is prompted by a warning to proceed, before non standard bands were excluded.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Merry Christmas & Minor update File available 10 December 2021

I'll take this opportunity to wish all Winlog'ers a Happy Christmas and better times in 2022.

Release of Minor Update - build 44 December 2021

A minor and non-critical update to the executable to implement a few requests and changes plus a couple of fixes.

Added option "F Keys Immediate" - obeys other menu option "Send Immediate".
Added Prosign hints to memory options tabs.
ESCAPE key changes focus from Winkey window to Log window except when ? in a callsign where focus is reset to Callsign.
Ctrl + Shift Cancels all sending.

Band View (DXCluster).
Fixed bug where "Add Full Frequency" is disabled in RCW Band View doesn't scroll.
Re-instated wheelhook mouse wheel for Band View.
Fixed bug where out of band spot triggers trapped error.

EXPORT as Text.
Fixed bug where file may not created at first attempt.

Club Log.
Real time Upload - changed to latest advised API URL's.

Prefix /2ZE, hard coded country correction for these special British Callsigns.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Update available 10 September 2021 Full Package and Minor Update

Release FULL Package - build 43

Also released minor update zip with same version file, if you download the full version - you do NOT need the minor update.

The FULL release also contains any changes made in build #42.

Added UDP ADIF QSO exchange for remote computer(s).

Fixed bug where upload prompt for ClubLog and HamQTH, when this option is disabled

Log Search/Replace Added option to use Search Page for data set.

Charts Added function to show or hide values.

Band View (DXCluster) Reworked the entire function, Added more features and functions and improving performance. including Call List, Manual Entry, worked Before status and other options.

Export Club-log added Grid square to ADIF output.

Logging Interface WSJT (etc) enabled Address change (experimental) WSJT Country Name can be added to 'User' field (obeys option in Log Check Robot - MORE) - this option overrides any other 'add to user' option.

Modes Fixed a couple of minor issues in 'Modes.txt' file.

Prefix database updated
LoTW user list updated
Beacon database updated

The new 'Minor' releases.

Starting with revision 42

Minor revisions will in future be released as a zipped (compressed) file for manual updating.
I have decided on this approach for several reasons , many beta versions have been distributed in the past in this manner.
It will require downloading a zipped file and copy/paste of files into a recent and existing Winlog32 installation, this should not be beyond the capabilities of any Ham!
Installation instructions will be included in the zip file.
The minor release will be a bare-bones way to update an existing recent version.

Subsequently, the full installation will be updated less frequently and only when when there is reason to do so.

The new Rev.42 zip is available now, and will include a file 'modes.txt'.
Modes will no longer be hard-coded into the software, and Winlog32 will now use this file as a 'modes' source, among other things this list is essential for importing and exporting - included real-time uploading of QSO.
This change was brought about by the large number of new digital modes and sub-modes that have been added to the ADIF spec., in 2021. Also this will enable the end-user to update his mode list manually with new definitions if it ever becomes necessary.

7.3 (rev 41) released 7 January 2021

7.3 (rev 41) released 7 January 2021

Added functionality of 5m and 8m bands
Modified various functions for 5/8m reporting, Graphs etc.

Modified Band 'include' buttons to include greater coverage on VHF Bands to 10GHz with associated functions.

Added FST4 sub-mode (MFSK)

DXCluster 1 & 2
Added option to Ignore spots where DXCluster info/comments contain *xxx* text where default for "xxx" = "FT8"

Rig Control
Yaesu V fixed bug in FTDX101, FT891 and FT991 send frequency in correct format (leading zero)
Yaesu V Added FTDX10 to Rig database
Icom Added IC-705 to Rig database

Prefix database update
Beacon database update
LoTW user-list update

H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R   2 0 2 1

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021, lets hope for better days to come.

A amall update of Winlog32 will be released in a few weeks time,

Support for all users will continue....,

7.3 (rev 40) released 13 September 2020

The upload of 7.3 (rev 40) was delayed some days due to ongoing problems with Windows Defender flagging false positives which have to be cleared with Microsoft Defender team otherwise they will block the install file, this is likely to be a continuing problem with each new compile and release.

Rev.40:- A minor but nevertheless importand update
Rev.39 was used as a limited release beta

Back-up procedures, code and function changes, some files were not copied correctly in some circumstances.

Rig Control:
Yaesu V#1 & #2 - Added functionality specifically for FTDX101

Revamped functions and update to allow WAB nr. only (no County requirement now)

Prefix database
Prefix update routine changed with more error checking and self-repair functions incorporated

Extra error logging added to some functions

Prefix database update
Beacon database update
LoTW user-list update

Revision #38, 6 June 2020.

SEARCH LOG window:
Revamped working to generate more complex queries, including frequency wide band searching and to auto-search with 'Generate Query' button, also added by Order By drop-down list. Manual editing is still possible using 'Execute' button.

Added validation for SAT RS-44 to enumeration.
Added validation for SAT PO-101 to to enumeration.

IOTA Database
Added manual update option to File Maintenance window, if the auto-update IOTA fails.

Log DXCC Band Report.
Added Verified indicator "V" in report (overrides confirmation indicator)
Added Export CSV toolbar option.

WAZ Band Report.
Added Export CSV toolbar option.

QRZ ONLINE Callbook (subscription service)
Added 'change version' option (compatibility change back to old API version) (Callbook window option-settings)

Log Input background colour- fixed bug where this can change to BLACK background in certain circumstances.

Log Search
Fixed SQL generator on Code (numeric) field

HAMQTH Callbook lookup bug, made some changes to trap session errors and to refresh session key when timed out.

Added timeout for toolbar 'tune' (5 seconds)
Revised code.
Added key immediate option.

Custom Search window -Cosmetic changes

Logging Interfaces
Added new functions to UDP (N1MM) interface, to include JT-Alert via UDP (secondary method when used with WSJT/JTAlert combination)
New functions added to WSJT, JTDX & JTAlert to update DXCC & Grid databases in real-time.

Prefix Update
Beacon Database update
LoTW user list update

Revision #37, 2 March 2020.

Revision #37, released 2 March 2020

Fixed bug Windows 10, where Winlog32 Would shut down after some hours of activity.

Added option to add DXCC Entity code during import function when code is missing or zero -default settinmg is YES add code to Code Field

WAZ Database
Changed decimal checking for international Locale on manual Band input

Cosmetic: Change term "VHF Locator" to "Grid Locator" due to grids being used extensively on HF digi modes.

Revision #36, 22 December 2019. ~ M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ~

Revision #36, released 22 December 2019

New report tool, this reports in chart form number of QSO per band for an individual Country (click on country name in country display).
This function has also been added to other DXCC related window using double-click method, some existing functions (e.g. log search) been moved to single click event.

WAZ - Added New WAZ Band report tool, this report shows grid of Zones worked/confirmed against bands, with a filter for Modes (menu/Reports -'WAZ Band report').

For Winkey mode F5 to F7 keys have been given direct functionality like existing F1 to F4 already have.
Removed existing F1 [help] key in Winkey.

Latest Prefix Database included
Lastest LoTW Users list included.
Beacon Database updated

Revision #35, 1 December 2019.

Revision #35, released 1 December 2019

**New** Facility
Added WPX-Prefix parser and new 'WPX' window generating WPX fropm log together with several associated functions & filtering
menu/Reports/LOG WPX

Main Menu
'Graphs' menu item renamed 'Reports', includes Graphs and other DXCC etc. Reports are grouped into eu item 'Reports' which replaces 'Graph'.

Now includes WPX Prefix in output (as 'PFX' tag).

Logging Interface (UDP)
Function will allow adding a US State (from HamQTH Callbook) as well as locator from UDP server.

Online Callbooks
QRZ Online
Major Revision to code for more reliable usage.
Revised code to make more friendly with A/V.

User database
Revised look-up function to allow multiple text in User field

Log Page
Added option/setting for changing font size,
Option added to allow setting to the Search Page if required.

Options - Comm Port: expanded port selection to enable values from 1 to 30 to be selected.
Added F1 help shortcut

Added F1 help shortcuts to some more windows
Cleaned up some areas of redundent code and other minor code changes.

Latest Prefix Database included
Lastest LoTW Users list included.

Revision #34, 2 October 2019.

Revision #34, released 2 October 2019

Export FULL
Fixed bug where large logs would throw up error 6 and crash out.

QRZ Online look-up API
Added session ID to Callbook window title to help with error tracking.
Added error reporting in data arrival,

Real-time Upload
HRDLOG - fixed missing callsign issue in settings.

DXCC Band Display window; fixed bug when decimal "," in frequency (European setting)

Prefix database updated

Revision #33, 17 September 2019.

Revision #33, released 17 September 2019

Internal: DXCLUSTER#1 stripspot function, removed duplicate checking loop and buffer array/timer as test (most cluster software now does this) to save processing time.

Added toolbar button to enable/disable sound alerts.

Club Log Real Time Upload
Small programming change to reflect recent changes Club Log update (27 July) "error Upload" message in single QSO upload.

Real Time QSO upload
Added code for QRZ log, this is a QRZ subscription only (Paid) service.

Right-click upload functions -added QRZ log menu option (this requires QRZ subscription and API Key as above)

New window and revised functions to allow simpler export of partial logs.

VHF Database
Updated functions to include multi-mode additions (mainly for digi-mode additions and queries)
Changed start behavious so that current frequency band entered in Log or current band list setting is default query when opening window.

IOTA database update (6 new IOTA added JULY 2019)

Prefix database updated
Beacon Database updated
LoTW user list updated.

Revision #32, 17 June 2019.

Revision #32, released 17 June 2019

This is a minor update mostly to include new FT4 mode

Added FT4 Mode to accepted mode list

Rig Control Window.
Added IC9700, FTDX101D for cosmetics (untested)

Prefix database updated
Beacon Database updated
LoTW user list updated.

Revision #31, 08 June 2019.

Revision #31, released 08 June 2019

VHF (Grid) database
Fixed bug: run-time error when querying 'VHF Only' or 'HF Only' band options.

Log DXCC Band Display window Fixed bug -run-time error when running queries with window in maximised state.

Band Display window
Fixed non-critical trapped error in default band query.

Fixed non-critical trapped error when log Date = 0 (invalid date) for Prefix lookup function

Log Maintenance
Added to Date function, to include zero value dates as errors

Added JO-97; FO-99; QO-100 to SAT accepted enumeration

Plus a few cosmetic changes

Prefix database updated
Beacon Database updated
LoTW user list updated.

Revision #30, 13 April 2019.

Revision #30, released 10/13 April 2019.

A minor but essential update with a couple of fixes and changes.

Fixed bug where import excludes modes in some circumstances.

Changes to all freq. lookup functions for SQL using band edges to improve accuracy.
SHF/EHF frequencies validating and filtering for DXCC (etc) databases.
Added UHF/SHF/EHF to various options where needed.

Band Map: added extra bands and filtering.

Options/Settings: tab 'Custom Lists'
Added further frequency band options and validating or manually entered frequency bands.

Revision #29, 2 April 2019.

Revision #29, released 02 April 2019.

Rev. 29 is a minor update with a few fixes and changes.

Omnirig RCW revised handling of data Mode.

Re-instated option to change normal mode to IARU modes (requested)
Revised code regarding Mode and Sub-mode handling in some functions.

DXCluster #1 & #2
Right-click Option 'Add QSO to Log'
Changed behaviour to - if mode is not determined from the Spot, then mode is added as that set in Log Mode List
Fixed bug whereas copy-spot-to-log function in DXC#2 can interfere with the same copy function in DXC#1

Logging interface - UDP
Changed behaviour to - if power field is vacant from external software -add power from the Power List in Log

Plus a couple of other minor fixes.

Latest Prefix database update included

Revision #28, 16 March 2019.

Revision #28, released 16 March 2019.

Logging interface - N1MM
Fix for problem in N12MM when config broadcast other options for non contact info are enabled (rig/Spot/etc) giving subscript message.

Look up an individual callsign at ClubLog from right-click menu.
Returns matrix of bands worked matched for that callsign on Clublog also Modes "CW", "PHONE", "DATA" (NOT specific data modes).

Rig Control
**NEW** Added OMNIRIG window.
OmniRig rig control software shares rig data to multiple software, allows single comm port connection to rig.
Requires installation of third party OmniRig software (FREE)

Log Maintenance
Update ETime allow value of '0' (zero) so that Blank ETIME = STIME

One or two minor fixes and changes.

Prefix database updated
Beacon Database updated
LoTW user list updated.

Please Note that this is likely to be the last software update until at least after the summer.

Revision #26, 18 February 2019.

Revision #26, released 18 February 2019.

Logging interface
Add UDP logging interface from N1MM, transfers basic logging info to Winlog32 for QSOs added to N1MM contest logger.

Log Search/Replace
Added Mode checking when search/replace Modes recommending only valid modes are used.

Added MSK144 (missing from enumeration)

Corrected mode/submode problem where ADIF version

Real-time logging - FLDIGI & JT-Alert
Added submode if it exists in ADIF

Revision #25, 9 February 2019.

Revision #25, released 9 February 2019. (R#24 was beta testing only)

Revised Export functions to export also SubMode ADIF tag (ADIF3 spec)
Revised import functions to import SubMode ADIF tag (ADIF3 spec) if it in the import file

Removed redundant option "Convert normal to IARU Mode'
Revised import functions around importing MODE
Updated Mode enumeration list

SETTINGS - Custom Lists
Added: checking of valid mode entry into MODE list.
Added right-click mouse delete option to all lists.

Added more tool-tip text (mouse over) for some options.

VHF Database:
Summary Window.
Added 'HF' function, can show VHF, HF or combined summary
Added row sizing from toolbar

Logging Interface.
Added UDP interface for MSHV

QSLOUT input box added right-click QSL send/sent update options (*for testing)

QRZ Online callbook API look-up
Fix: "Requesting logon Key" hang up, revised API code

Latest LoTW user list (DXCluster)
Latest Prefix database included
Latest Beacon database included

Revision #23, 21 November 2018.

Revision #23, released 21 November 2018. (R#22 was beta testing only)

Search Callsign (button); removed pattern matching.

Logging Interface, UDP
Added UDP interface for JTDX - works with existing WSJT-X interface
Revised multi-port behaviour, fixed bug where additional ports were not closing when disabled

HAMQTH Callbook
FIXED: HAMQTH stopped working:
Revised api call-up by eliminating Winlog32 minor version string causing connection problem.

Latest prefix update included

Latest LoTW list

73 G0CUZ

Revision #21, 1 November 2018.

Revision #21, released 1 November 2018.

Added options to Look-up callsign in LoTW list (Log & DXCluster)
Changed format of LoTW1.txt file generated from LoTW CSV to suit above look-ups.
Optimisted seach function for text search

Added error tracking to LoTW upload event.

Log Maintenance
Bug on 'code' field where entity 522 was not recognised as valid, (this only affected maintenance window)

IOTA database
Update for IOTA database added 6 new refs (Oct 2018).

Housekeeping: removed some redundant code (old IOTA update functions).

LoTW Manager
Added new accepted ADIF modes
Added new accepted ADIF Satellite modes

Latest and revised format of ARRL LoTW user data - LoTW1.txt file included (LoTW User List)
Latest Prefix database included
Latest Beacon database included

Revision #20, 4 July 2018.

DXCluster window #1 & #2
Option added spot find for DXCC specific mode query e.g. FT8

Added error reporting on QRZ and other Online API logon.

Added more usual default power level list for non-British users.

Fixed bug - Option Band Display sometimes showing when disabled

Latest Prefix update included
Latest Beacon update included
Latest LoTW list Update

Revision #19, 24 May 2018.

7.3 (rev. 19) released 24 May 2018

DXCC menu item 'Auto' not indicating correctly, also affected LCR 'DXCC' option, fixed

Added new Satellite name list for SAT name ADIF verification.

Latest Prefix database update.
Latest Beacon Database update.

2 May 2018, Google maps API Usage.

Google maps API Usage.

This concerns ONLY Registered users who have implimented the Google Maps interface in Winlog32.

I have been notified by Google that they will require an account to be registered with them to continue to use the maps API services after 11 June, 2018.
This may impact those using the API from within Winlog32, in fact everyone who is using similar implimentations of their maps API.

From what I understand, when you have registered an account with them, you can still have $200 worth of FREE usage per month, but after that you will have to pay some fees, although in this case it's unlikely you will exceed the free usage limit.
I presume if you do not get an account with Google, the map API will stop working on or around June 11th.
I will still include the Google Maps interface in Winlog32 for those who may be inclined to continue to use it with these new terms.

I think those who have a registered API code, will probably be notified via email, but if you need further information then check with Google T&C (not me, sorry I can't do anything about it!)

Good whilst it lasted, but guess all good things must come to an end!

Revision #18, 21 March 2018.

7.3 (rev. 18) released 21 March, 2018

Club Log
Changed all url pointers to secure https as required by Club Log APIs.
After 1 April 2018, the old 'http' addresses, will no longer work with their API.
This may also mean that those using Windows XP may not be able to use the direct ClubLog upload or other API from Winlog32.

Latest Prefix database update.
Latest LoTW user file included.
Latest Beacon Database update.

Revision #17, 23 February 2018.

7.3 (rev 17) released 23 February 2018

Small update to fix a url pointer to Club Log Country Check Interface.
The original url had been deprecated by Club Log

Updated Prefix Database.

Revision #16, 24 January 2018.

7.3 (rev 16) released 24 January 2018

Prefix update window (internal use only)
Compressed layout for better view in lower screen resolutions
A few more changes to automated sequence (auto update 'end date' if only that changed)

Icom RCW#3
Hide DDE indicator if not enabled.

Log DXCC Display
Added sort order selection (click field header)

File Maintenance.
Removed DXCC update buttons as they have been redundant for some time, the update is is now automatic when opening DXCC database.

DXCC Database updated with new entity 'Republic of Kosovo' (Open the DXCC database to automatically update DXCC list)

Updated Prefix Database.
Updated active LoTW users list.
Updated Beacon Database.

* * * Update and Revision #15 * * SEASONS GREETINGS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS * * *

15 December 2017

* H A P P Y N E W Y E A R *
Version 7.3 revision #15 available

(Rev. 12, 13, 14 beta testing only)

Real Time Logging.
Changed behaviour/logic of menu selection, now can select and use FLDigi and WSJT-X UDP interfaces at same time. Fixed bug for XP file path.

Added Prop mode to logging above 30MHz (uses default log setting)

Added Prop mode to logging above 30MHz (uses default log setting)

Remote Database Logging over LAN
Revised and replaced all functions to include much more error checking and error warnings
Fixed bug where the first log in the remote database defaults after restart.
Revised settings logic to enable the above.
Added options to auto-sync log names when changing local log name.

Fixed bug in auto-add text from previous Remarks where this was not functioning when WSJT-X option was enabled.

Rig Control
Added "Commander" DDE interface to Icom RCW#3 (may expand this to other RCW later if required)

Update Prefix function (restricted use)
Update from Club Log XML, fixed an inherant problem arrising with multiple entries from same exception with date ranges, this function only for development use ATM.

Updated Prefix Database.
Updated active LoTW users list.
Updated Beacon Database.

Update and Revision #11

15 September 2017

Version 7.3 revision #11

Logging interface
Added autologging UDP interface for WSJT-X
Added auto-logging option for JT-Alert-X

Removed redundant code (old DDE interface) etc.

Fixed upload to HamQTH prompt when prompt option disabled

Added FT8 to accepted modes for LoTW (requires TQSL update)

Added function to discard bad spots
LoTW User
DXCluster LoTW User list, new functions to download the file from ARRL and convert file format for use in Winlog32
The existing HB9BZA LoTW user list and functions is deprecated, as this may not be supported by HB9BZA in the future.

Log DXCC Display
Added option to start the window detached

Updated Prefix database
Updated active LoTW users list
Updated Beacon database

Update and Revision #7

10 July 2017

Version 7.3 revision #7

Minor update.

Important fix for DXCluster window #1 which could crash out when minimised.

Added new FT8 mode to accepted list (except for LoTW specific exports)

This release includes:
Prefix database update.
Beacon database update

73 de G0CUZ

Update and Revision #6

30 June 2017

Version 7.3 revision #6

A couple of minor changes with this release which has also a new All Band Summary faciity in the VHF database (toolbar), where the image can be exported as a bitmap if required (for use on webpages etc.).

This release includes:
Prefix database update.
Beacon database update
Latest LoTW file (HB9BZA)

73 de G0CUZ

Update and Revision #4

02 May 2017

Version 7.3 revision #4

A few fairly minor changes for this release, which is likely to be the last update until the Autumn.
The prefix database should be updated when any new update is available - check menu/File/Latest Updates.

Log Input
Added but not recommended is new function to search callsigns - actively searching during callsign input.
This action is controlled by (menu/Options/Settings tab Search- 'Actively callsign input' & 'Search Simmilar Callsigns' which allows wildcard matching during Callsign input (same as Search Callsign mini Window).

Callsign Input: Option - changed behaviour, if callsign is deleted in auto-date/time mode - the log input is wiped - same as CRTL+W action.
Added Option to turn ON/OFF above action, if this doesn't suit style of operating, (menu/Options/Settings/AutoAdd "Callsign Input')

Log: BAND MHz Selector
.475MHz fixed bug in adding this frequency from Band Selector

Latest Prefix database update included
Latest Beacon Database update included.

Web site and final release

8 April 2017

This web site and help pages are now at their new home and all should now be functioning well.

The final release of Winlog32 is now available in beta form.
Any updates in future will be included with this single download file.

As stated in May 2016, no future development or additions are planned for Winlog32 other than minor changes to the executable or ancillary files to keep the program functioning and up-to-date.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

v7.3 available and changes to this version include....

Added 136KHz (1290m) and 475Khz (600M) bands to general logging functions (and DXCC database although NOT VALID DXCC but for interests and future expansion).
Added supporting functions to various DXCC reporting tools e.g. Band Displays.
ADIF added more new modes to accepted list inc. MSK144

Real-time Upload - eQSL
Updated code to a new method, as existing function no longer worked since the eQSL server upgrade around 21 March '17.

Contest Mode.
Changed behaviour of increment/decrement reports in REPORTOUT Fields using "+" & "-" keys.
New action:
SHIFT & "-" or SHIFT & "+" decrement/increment reports in REPORTOUT field (so this now requires HOLDING SHIFT key).
This is to enable adding a "-" sign to Remarks/User during contest input which wasn't possible before.
CTRL & "-" & "+" (decrement/increment reports in REPORTIN field action unchanged)

Settings - Custom Lists.
ADD BAND: Added drop-down list of frequency bands for easy selection, also allows manual custom freq.

Fixed bug in WLNet load sequence, where a null value could exist in 'Net.mdb' database on some clusters causing 'invalid use of null' error.
Added more error trapping.

Added more help links (F1)

Revised old integral email address to new.

Fixed bug Auto-Add Text (Remarks & User field) where it was not possible to permanently delete text.

DXCC Pop-Up.
Added scrollbar to 2nd column for any overrun.

Removed some redundant code and deprecated functions.

'Custom Band display' reworked code to ensure correct display with VLF bands.

Realtime ADIF log import, if no power value imported from FLDigi then use Winlog32 value otherwise use import value.
Added 'Notes' field to remarks, may be truncated if string too large.

Added STX_STRING & SRX_STRING to import functions, these values import (into ReportOut/In), if no STX or SRX (contest serial numbers) values are present and import option 'include Serial numbers' is disabled.

EXPORT - Export as 'HTML Online Log'..
Changed redundant javascript template file for newly written script which works!
Made a few changes to Export window to incorporate new functions - default exported file is now called 'logfile.html'

Added new header and functions for resizing columns.
Added 60m functionality to band alert checking.
Changed and tidyed up some underlying code for resizing and other display options

DXCluster 1 & 2
Added beacon look-up (double click any *****/B callsigns)

DXCluster Band View.
Added 5Mhz(60m) option and associated code

Latest Updates.
Added- LoTW user file to download and update function.
Added various self repairing options to this function.

QSL card printing.
Added error checking and reporting on file load function.

Callbooks - Options - F11 lookup, now indicates which callbook option has been set.
Callbooks - look-up CALLOOK (FCC)
Strip of any area suffix from callsign as (e.g. W1AW/0) as would not give result.

Latest Prefix database update included
Latest Beacon Database included.
Latest LoTW user list (HB9BZA) included.

February 2017 web site outages

26 February 2017

Appologies to those who may have had trouble with the web site outages and lack of download possibilities during 20-26 February.

I have been experiencing difficulties with the current service providers, some of this has been resolved today and the web site is back up.
However the online help pages are still down, but hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Due to these ongoing issues, it seems likely that I will have to move the Winlog32 web site and help pages again, hopefully to a more reliable service.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

* * H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R * *
Best wishes and good DX for 2017 to all Winlog32 users.
FINAL MONTH to register your copy of Winlog32!
As notified here in May 2016, no new registrations of Winlog32 will be taken after 31 December 2016.
v6.6.1 released 05 December, 2016


Added Prefix update system from Club Log XML file.
N.B. This feature is disabled in this release and only for internal use at this time.
Changed Prefix lookup function Date for Date+Time searches for greater accuracy.

Callbooks: -Internet lookup
Added Selection of default F11 lookups (menu/Callbooks/Callbook Internet/Callbook Options
Added QRZCQ lookup to various right-click popup menus.

Added a second DXCluster Window (also served by WLNET)
Cluster window #2 is DETACHED from main Winlog32 window, either of both cluster windows can be used together or independant. For double monitor displays and other uses.
Some features are not included in DXC-#2
DXC-#2 settings can be configured independantly of DXC-#1.
Some unrequired options/settings have been removed in DXC-#2, and some functions simplified

DXCluster -#1 & #2
Added option to set display font size (auto-adjusts row height).

New functions and window for custom export of ADIF files from Log or Search Criteria.
Allows choice of ADIF Tags and relative fixed data to include in ADIF QSO output file, and include/exclude many standard tags and possibility of defining and including a custom tag etc.
Dynamic parsing of data possible possible from the Log against set ADIF tags, see relative online help section for explanation of this advanced feature.
Possible to include/exclude header, and possible to define header contents.
Possible to view part of ADIF output file for correctness.

'AutoAdd' text (Settings)
Independent text can be added to both Remarks and User fields, this replaces existing option where only one could be used, any existing auto-add choice will have to be reset in the new option.

Look-Up DXCC Pop-up
Revamped and changed behaviour, if number of rows exceed 15, second column of results are displayed, as cumulative band/mode list was sometimes too long.
This window auto-hides if look-up is from a right-click, otherwise Window stays open till closed. Position of window is now defined.

Latest Prefix update included

Latest LoTW list included (HB9BZA)

Latest Rig data update included

Latest Beacon database update included

03 October, 2016

About the new Prefix database released 03 October 2016

The Winlog32 prefix database and exception list has evolved over a period of 20 years, and was a continual task, with new releases being made usually monthly to keep up with the ever increasing 'special' callsigns that do not conform to existing prefix/entity rules.
The information there-in was accumulated from various sources, including DX bulletins, callbooks and on-air.
In recent times, also have manually incorporated much information from Club Log, which has a huge resource of Prefix and callsign data available.

To future-proof Winlog32 the best I can, I have now enabled an inbuilt prefix update routine which will keep Winlog32 up-to-date with future 'exceptions' that come along.
For the moment, this function is still private and the end user will not have to do anything other than update the prefix database as before.

This is a significant update, and the exception list is enhanced with the incorporation of the Club Log Callsign exception list.
A future version Winlog32 will also take advantage of the increased accuracy of the Club Log data.

This is something I have been working on over the summer months, which unfortunately resulted in a lack of prefix update releases over that period.
The whole point of this excercise ..not only to increase the accuracy of the Prefix Database and functions that rely on it, but also less research time thus needed on my part to keep up with new exceptions.

For now, nothing changes for the end user, the only down side is that because the exception list is much larger, it will result in more processing time which could be apparent on slower computers especially when running the Log Check Robot through the Log.
The up-side is that in the future, Winlog32 can import and process the Club Log exception list, even on an individual basis if required.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

17 August 2016

Due to an ongoing problem with my service provider, I have a new email address, all old @blueyonder addresses are no longer valid.

You can contact me via **MYCALLSIGN(lower case)**

This address may also be subject to interuptions during the next couple of months, so if you have trouble with this, contact me via the Winlog32 Forum, and I'll get back to you.

Appologies to anyone who has been trying to contact me via any of the old addresses during the last couple of weeks.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

v6.5.2 July 2016

v6.5.2 Released 21 July, 2016.

This beta has (only) bug fix for Icom RCW#3 not having automated start-up

v6.5.1 July 2016

v6.5.1 Released 01 July, 2016.

Real Time eQSL Upload
Various test fixes to correct Win7 64 bit problem.
Added option to NOT update QSLOUT field after an eQSL Upload.

Latest updates.
Changed address for update status file - required due to server change.

Rig Control
Added Icom Rig Control Window #3
Added IC-7300 + IC-7100 to RCW rig list.

VHF (Grid) Database
Fixed bug in manual editing of eConfirmed field, now accepts Yes/No.

Skip duplicate QSO Warning message can be skipped after the second warning prompt so no further warnings (Dupe QSO skipped)
Improvemnts to:- warning message (with QSO comparison information), import duplicate checking and imported/rejected labels
Improvements to Duplicate checking to make more campatible with ADIf from different sources which may not have exact same QSO data.
Changes to procedure so if eQSL ADIF file is imported, QSLOUT field is NOT populated with "Y"

IOTA Database
Added toolbar button to show 'Deleted' IOTA reference#
Improved procedure to update older databases with latest IOTA data

Includes Update for IOTA database (Deletion of OC-096 Kingman Reef) 2016 .
Includes latest prefix update. 102-01/07/2016.
Includes latest Beacon update included. 29/06/2016.
Includes latest LoTW user list (HB9BZA) 26/06/2016.

General Information

25th May 2016

I will be winding down development of Winlog32 over the next twelve months.

After 20 years of continual development, I have decided that by Spring 2017 any major development will have ceased.
A recent health issue has reinforced this decision, at times this software has taken over my life, and it is not a decision I have made lightly or without consideration.

In respect of this, registration of Winlog32 after the end of 2016 will NOT be possible.

Support for registered users will continue on as before.

I am sure that Winlog32 will continue to be of use to the ham community well into the future, and for this reason, the web site, file downloads and online help will be maintained as long as possible.

73 Colin

v6.4.1 April 2016

v6.4.1 Released 24 April, 2016.

New DXCC update routine (automatically updates to latest list irrespective)
Includes update for Kingman Reef (Deleted from DXCC list March 2016)

Rig Control
Yaesu RCW#1/2
Changes to comm functions

Real Time upload
***new Added Real-time Upload to 'Social Hams' online logging API (
Realtime upload result new parsing, if upload errors - click label to give further information on error encountered by uploader.

Latest Prefix database included

Latest Beacon database included

v6.3.7 March 2016

v6.3.7 Public Beta released 26 March, 2016.

A small but essential update.

Fixed bug where new function Auto-insert text works also on existing QSO

ReportIN field, fixed bug where using Ctrl+numpad# for incrementing reports not adding T9 for CW
Also enabled this function in Contest mode where serial present. Only ReportIN field has this function

Changed keyboard shortcut CTRL+C to CTRL+W (wipe) clear existing QSO

Log Search & Replace
Bug: Changed field length restriction in remarks replace text (was 6 now 64)

'Latest Updates'
Some programatic changes due to future host change.

Latest Prefix database included

v6.3.6 March 2016

v6.3.6 Public Beta released 17 March, 2016.

Yaesu V RCW
Added FT1200 & FT3000 to init. sequence.
Added second Yaesu V RCW window.

Added option to auto insert pre-defined text to User or remarks field (menu/Fiule/Settings/Auto-Add)
Added Keyboard shortcut [Ctrl+C] to quick clear log data and reset, does NOT delete QSO already added to log (Ctrl+D).

Fixed logic SQL Error's not clearing Search Page, when a SQL error is generated, it now also clears Seach Page of any previous search results.

USCH Database update
Deleted 'Charlottesville' and added 'Roanoake' Virginia.

Real Time Upload
Removed all 'Ham Logs Online' functions as this web site and service are no longer functional.

Updated Rig database

Updated Beacon Database

Updated Prefix Database, latest update #97 included

Updated LoTW list (HB9BZA)

v6.3.5 2016


v6.3.5 Public Beta released 23 February, 2016.

This release includes changes from private beta 6.3.4

Rig Control Windows
Added Change Mode selector to all RCW options.

menu/Graph/Log DXCC BAND Display, graphical band display of Countries Worked/Confirmed.
Includes Mode & Date filters
Linked to Log QSO (not DXCC database), double-click band look-up- in (Log (Search Page).
F1 for online help.

Keyboard short-cut Add Text
Shift+F5 through F8 text can be addeed to Remarks and User Field (menu/options/Settings tab -Function Keys)

Old Windows Help file no longer supported.

Prefix database latest update #95 included.

Beacon Database update included.

Includes latest LoTW user file (HB9BZA)

* * * H A P P Y     N E W     Y E A R * * *
Good DX in 2016.
73, Colin G0CUZ
* * * S E A S O N S     G R E E T I N G S * * *
73, Colin G0CUZ

v6.3.3 beta version released 23 December 2015.

v6.3.3 Public Beta released 23 December 2015.

Recommended install.

LoTW Update
Added WAZ to auto-updates & check (from downloaded report).

WAZ database
Fixed Auto update function to add date, before date was missing after update.
Plus minor cosmetic fixes (typos, help context pointers etc).

'Window' - 'Show Missing Windows' resets all open windows in event of 'off-screen' experience.

New function at start-up checks for multiple monitors.
If only one monitor present then resets main window positions to visible and default state automatically if any off-screen.

Delete QSO (toolbar)
Closes (if visible) LoTW Manager or Export windows whilst QSO in log is deleted.

DXCC database
Added toolbar button "Update DXCC List" - updates entity list in DXCC Database to current, this option as previously in General Maintenance.
N.B. DXCC database update required- Entity name change: Auckland & Cambell to NZ Subantactic Is.

Backup path default now "E:\" (was "A:\" before - this drive letter now rarely used)

Latest Prefix database update Included

Latest Beacon database update included.

v6.3.1 New version released 14 October 2015


Includes all changes, additions and fixes in v6.2.9 through 6.2.19 private betas < October 2015

Logging Interface
FLDigi - changed real-time import logging process to accomodate changes in FLdigi v3.23 onwards

LoTW Manager
Toolbar -fixed bug opening 'Load Cetificate" (TQSL), this function now opens TQSL window with access to all functions.
New minimum TQSL requirement v2.1.2
Fixed Issue: TQSL < v2.1.1 command line, sign function not supported correctly.
Tidied up some functions in manual export/sign/upload mode
Added TQSL version view toolbar button.
Added TQSL error report window after signing failure.
Added option to 'VIEW' ADIF file, button on Sign window.
Various improvements to manual export/sign/upload logic.

Station Location
Revised interface for better functionality.
Added extra 'Save' button which appears when changes have been made.
Added prompt reminder so that if data changed and not saved will remind on exit.
Added double-click DXCC input field to reveal DXCC selection list.
Added extra field for LoTW 'location name' and corresponding internal code changes to take advantage of this when used.
Changed file parse character to fix backward compatibility problem.

Beacon database (internal logging)
Fixed errorlogging bad file name.
Beacon list Updated.

Grid locator checking function, error report 'couldn't lock file' problem, fixed.

Changed behaviour auto reports "$2", now only takes value from log ReportOut field whilst NEW QSO is in progress
Otherwise always takes report from Winkey window RST selector.

Callbook Window
SEARCH button: If log callsign is empty and Search is empty, callsign is taken from 'Search Callsign' mini-window.

QRZ Online -changed function where BIO button was displayed when no bio was present (QRZ Change to protocol)
Changed bio command string to suit latest version of QRZ XML protocol

QRZ Internet web page callsign lookup (F11)
Script error message. Fixed.

Auto Date/Time entry, time added as "0000" in log in Windows 10 with Scandinavian Locale, fixed.

Added OQRS (special request for QSL Managers) = OD/OB to QSLIN generates a QSLOUT "B" or "D"

Added 'DIGITALVOICE' ADIF Mode mapping on export/import, This MUST be added as "DV" in Winlog32,
Imported mode "DIGITALVOICE' will be mapped to DV in Winlog32. DV will be mapped to DIGITALVOICE when exporting ADIF

Rig Control (Yaesu)
Fixed problem with FT100/FT100D only on Yaesu RCW#1
Rig database updated, includes fix for FT100D

Removed menu item 'Help' for file based help as file is no longer supported by Windows or included with Winlog32.

Google maps js file, changed from 'v3.exp' back to 'v3.21' (this may need modifying in existing active files)

Includes latest LoTW user file (HB9BZA)

Includes latest Prefix database update.

09 August 2015

Finally got around to updating the web pages, so that the menu system works across all browsers?
Also removed useless and non-working links.

Version 6.2.6 beta available April 2015

07 April 2015

Export ADIF
Disabled auto-ranging (100 QSO) in full log export

Club Log Upload
Included Band tag to cure out-of-band frequency validation.

DXCC database
Added error traping when database is corrupted.

Latest Prefix database included.

Version 6.2.5 beta available March 2015

24 march 2015

Replaced v2.2.4 with new build v2.2.5 with bug fix.
Problem with LoTW Manager updating QSLIN field, also affected manual updates to confirmed status.
bug Fixed - otherwise same as v2.2.4

Version 6.2.4 beta available March 2015

22 march 2015

A new public beta for 2015 is now available.

This public release includes changes and additions from private betas v2.6.2 & v6.2.3 but excludes work done on Antenna Control (Ultrabeam).

Icom Rig Control#1 & #2
Fixed problem with 5MHz(60m) band frequencies not transferred to Log.

*New* HamCap
Added interface to HamCap utility; requires HamCap and VoaCap insalled (right-click menus and auto lookup)

*NEW* Online Log Upload
Added HamQTH Log to list of options and included functions.

Existing Work on QRZ Online log real-time upload abandoned and code removed. (29/01/2015)
This is subscription service and other free services already offered by Winlog32.

Existing extensive work on Antenna Control module abandoned because of total lack of co-operation or interest from vendors

QSL Card database.
Auto-Add Bug fixed where decimal "," used (1.8 3.5)

Fixed problems when DXCluster set to 2 digit after decimal (CC Cluster)

Google Maps
(Registered Version only) New javascript file (earth.htm) using v3 API - old file no longer works (v2 deprecated by Google Maps)

Added further error checking and reporting for some functions in debug mode (errorlog.txt)

USCH Database.

Rig Control Windows (all)
Cosmetic display changes to window captions wehen errors are encountered.
Changed all settibngs Tabs "Other" and "Polling Period" to "Advanced".
Added to right-click menu on frequency tabs 'Clear All' & 'Reset All' optiopns.

Added new modes to accepted list

Logging Interface - FlDigi
Corrected bug in date transfer error

Slightly increased width of file windows (requested)

eQSL real time upload.
Added function to only update date if no date or previous D/B (card) exists.
thus QSL Card or 'V' takes preference, or if only "B" or "D" exist in QSLOUT.
Fixed possible bug where socket remains open in some situations.

LoTW manager.
Added freq tag to ADIF with option to include - this now works with later TQSL versions (problem excluding WARC bands)

Reading/saving settings
More built-in errorlogging (mainly for internal use and debugging)

Includes latest Prefix database
Includes latest Beacon database update
Includes latest LoTW user file (HB9BZA) /p>

73 Colin, G0CUZ


1 January 2015

I am pleased to say that development and support for Winlog32 will continue for 2015.

73 Colin, G0CUZ


17 December 2014


Thanks to all who have given support and encouragement through 2014

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Version 6.2.1 beta available

16 November 2014

A new beta version is available to download, v6.2.1

File Maintenance
Added and improved facility to move logs, databases and settings to a new installation, menu/File/Maintenance/File maintenance. Removed redundant function - restore option.

Fixed bug in importing grid where only band tag is present and no freq tag available in ADIF.

Manually changing Country Code - if User field has 'add country name' (option) this also will change.

eQSL Real Time Upload
Added 'attached account' pointer using 'Station Location' Callsign, this allows auto-selection of correct account when using multiple logs.
This option MUST be enabled in menu/options/settings - Real Time Upload otherwise any set Station Location and thus account pointer is ignored.
Added warning messages

LoTW manager
Added connection and server error reporting to 'debug' option.

Added many Key/form online help context shortcuts.

Log Check Robot
Fixed bug where WAE database replaced after deletion/corruption and option stays disabled when reinstated.

Ancillary Databases
Fixed bug in loading members text files via menu.

DXCC database
Added export ADIF for QSO list.

Updated with the 12 new IOTA numbers (RSGB 2014 update).

Ancillary databases and certain other forms
Tidied up display of all windows to make more compatible with Windows 7/8 and larger screen displays.

Improved appearance with Windows7/8, e.g. position of scrollbars and column alignment.
Minor fixes for resizing window generating non-critical errors in errorlog.

Function convert old QRA to Locator, minor fix

Callbook - HAMQTH API
- fixed bug where nothing found and "LoTW:NO" info still shown.

Beacon Database - latest update included
Prefix database - latest update included.

Version 6.1.7 update available

14 May 2014

A new version is available to download, v6.1.7

This version should overcome the start-up loss of settings v6.1.5 had under certain conditions.
This release includes changes/fixes in private beta 6.1.6

LoTW server name change
All new default url settings added, plus automated change over from old settings.

User Settings
Error checking function report with line reading built in.

PREFIX database
Added more self repair functions (reported 'error 0:5')

Search Page
Right-click Pop-up menu added for multiple QSL selection (specialised request)

Export ADIF
eQSL revised fucntion, "Include QSO with empty 'ReportOut', now defaults to DISABLED, and warning after export that File contains these QSO.

Callbooks - online.
Added QRZCQ XML interface. (similar interface to HamQTH)

Latest Beacon database included
Latest Prefix database included

73 Colin


8 May 2014

Good News, the Winlog32 Forum is up and running again!

A big thanks to Chris, ZL3LF for coming to the rescue, he has updated and improved our forum.

Chris has also taken on the responsibility of hosting and administering the Winlog32 Forum until further notice.
Any technical issues with the Forum should be directed to him.

Chris has been sucessful in porting all the previous posts and the wealth of information they contain to the new forum, along with usernames.
However, you may need to reset your password the next time you log-in.
If you have not visited or posted on the Forum for a long time, you may need to re-register as a new user.

As always, I encourage all Winlog32 users to make good use of the Forum, to share views, ask questions and make suggestions.
You do NOT have to be a registered Winlog32 user to use the Forum, it's open to all Winlog32 users.

Please add the new link to your browsers favourite list.

Any regular users of the Forum would be welcome to become a moderator, a good working knowledge of Winlog32 would be an advantage, but not essential.
Please apply to Chris or myself if you wish to become a moderator.

The Winlog32 Forum is and has always been free to register and use, please dont't abuse it.

73 Colin


15 April 2014

The Forum is closed down at the moment

There have been some problems in the last few days as some of you may have found out.

I have removed the some of the Forum code and database from Brinkster in the interests of security.

I may or may not re-instate the Forum at a later date, sorry for the trouble.

Please feel free to email me any questions or comments relative to Winlog32, as always, I'll try and help.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Version 6.1.5 update available

23 February 2014

v6.1.5 is available to download now.

Refer to 'changes.txt' file for full details of improvements, changes and fixes.

Includes the latest Prefix and Beacon database updates.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Version 6.1.4 update available

07 February 2014

v6.1.4 is available to download now.

This update replaces 6.1.3 and includes a fix for a small problem found with 6.1.3 uploading LoTW verifications to ClubLog.

The 'Log DXCC Display' has been improved to include band filtering.

Refer to 'changes.txt' file for full details of improvements, changes and fixes.

Includes the latest Prefix and Beacon database updates.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Version 6.1.3 update available

31 January 2014

v6.1.3 is available to download now.

This update includes a fix for the 'error:0' start-up problems some have experienced with v6

Refer to 'changes.txt' file for full details of improvements, changes and fixes.

Includes the latest Prefix and Beacon database updates.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Version 6 available now

01 January 2014

Lets start off the new year with a new version.

v6.1.1 is available to download now.

The new version is an accumulation of all beta release changes and additions since 5.8.4.
e.g., public betas:- 5.8.7 thru 5.8.9, and private betas:- 5.9.1 thru 5.9.7.

Refer to 'changes.txt' file for full details of improvments, changes and fixes.

Included among the changes and improvments are:

LoTW Manager; added single-click automate function.
Rotator Control; added ProSisTel and M2 control protocol to supported rotor types (awaiting testing).
Beacon database format revised and includes beacon logging facility

The latest databases included including prefix, LoTW user, and a purge on obsolete cluster nodes from the database.

A happy and peaceful New Year to all uses, and I am glad to announce that support for winlog32 will continue in 2014.
Progress with any new development of Winlog32 will be slow or nil during the first part of the year as I have other committments.

73 Colin, G0CUZ


24 December 2013


73 Colin, G0CUZ

NEWS, SEPTEMBER 2013 - V6 & Winlog32 Forum

07 September 2013

Beta versions of v6 are still undergoing testing and development at CUZ and with a few private releases to others who have expressed an interest.
All those who have expressed an interest in the beta testing = particularily with the LoTW enhancements have been emailed instructions and I am awaiting your reports.
If you have expressed an interest in the Forum post or via email and have not received this info, check your inbox/junk mail or email me again.

The Forum is currently down, this is an ongoing problem with the providers and this time I have had enough of Brinkster hosting - which I have used for the Forum since year 2000
I will be making arrangements to rebuild and move the Forum to another more reliable provider for the future.
Sorry for this inconvenience, but hopefully the new Forum will be far more reliable and at the same time, will improve it.
The Forum is not a priority but will work on this as time and interest allows, but expect it will be much later in the year before anything happens.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

NEWS, SEPTEMBER 2013 - V6 & Winlog32 Forum

07 September 2013

Beta versions of v6 are still undergoing testing and development at CUZ and with a few private releases to others who have expressed an interest.
All those who have expressed an interest in the beta testing = particularily with the LoTW enhancements have been emailed instructions and I am awaiting your reports.
If you have expressed an interest in the Forum post or via email and have not received this info, check your inbox/junk mail or email me again.

The Forum is currently down, this is an ongoing problem with the providers and this time I have had enough of Brinkster hosting - which I have used for the Forum since year 2000
I will be making arrangements to rebuild and move the Forum to another more reliable provider for the future.
Sorry for this inconvenience, but hopefully the new Forum will be far more reliable and at the same time, will improve it.
The Forum is not a priority but will work on this as time and interest allows, but expect it will be much later in the year before anything happens.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

BETA RELEASES April 2013 onwards

15 April 2013
As of April 2013, I may release a public beta from time to time for evaluation and testing purposes, the beta will preceed any general release which may not occur quite so often.
The beta file will usually be a full installation and can be downloaded from the downloads page.

I suggest that only experienced users download the beta file, new users my prefer to download the full general release first.

The beta will NOT be available from the program 'Latest Updates' function.
No documentation will be provided with the beta files, however the 'changes.txt' file should contain a summary of the changes as usual.

Included in current beta is basic rotor control, and some other improvments and fixes

Comments on the changes are always appreciated.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013

8 January 2013
I have spent the first few days of the new year tidying up the Winlog32 web pages, a long overdue task.
Hopefully this will bring the html into line with current specs and generally will look more presentable.
The javascript navigation bar which is still causing some problems but will attend to it in due course.

No development work has been done since 5.8.4, as I have been making some changes and updating the development hardware.

Proposed in 2013 is some initial work on an in-built Rotator interface for Winlog32, this has previously always relied on third party software.
Easy-Rotor-Control (ERC) hardware has been purchased for development and testing.
Hopefully news on this later.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.8.4 release 05 December, 2012
v5.8.4 release 05 December 2012

Remote Logging.
New functions added to update a remote Log database file in real-time, plus new TAB in Options/Settings to configure this function.
Mulitple connections possible to remote Log database file, this is still in beta stage for testing.

Export ADIF
Added JT9 mode to accepted ADIF list.

eQSL Real Time Upload.
Added QSL Message: menu/Options/Settings/Real Time Upload Add QSL Msg option to add standard message to ALL QSO upload.
Added Option - prompt to add personal 'QSLMSG' in real-time logging, this will overrides any existing 'QSLMSG'.

Settings window.
Increased width, revamped and tidyed up the Tabs and increased the number of tabs to accomodate expansion.
New Tab "ROTOR" has the settings for the Rotator interfaces (moved from the old "OTHER" Tab)
Old "OTHER" tab has been renamed "Real Time upload" which already contained settings for R/T Uploads.
New "Remote Database" tab added to configure this fuction.

Alarms: 'Show Unconfirmed', added option to change background highlight colour of freq. and call, as dark red does not show too well.

Log & Auto-Reports/Contest
Changed behaviour, phone modes add "59" all others - e.g. CW, RTTY and data modes, add "599"

WAE Code level changes to add WAE specific countries to WAE database.

WAS Code level changes to WAS lookup and update function.

USCH (U.S. county Hunters)
At Code level - improved lookup function and county parsing, now will update "County Line" entries like "Bibb/Blount cty", this will update both counties.

Standardised colour scheme with other windows.

More help context links added to Winlog32 windows, more online help pages added.

Changed code: Deleted IOTA entities are no longer shown or counted
IOTA database updated (inc. deleted EU-155)

Beacon database updated

Prefix database updated.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.8.3 release 14 November 2012

v5.8.3 release 14 November 2012

This is a small interim update to fix a couple of QRZ lookup problems.

Also includes a Printer selection dialog on Print QSL Labels on first print only.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.8.2 release 9 November 2012

v5.8.2 release 9 November 2012

Restored icons to most windows

Added right-click log callsign,
Options to Upload to Clublog, HRDLog & HLO online logs
Option to Change country code.

Print log function, added printer selection dialog.
Added function to restore default view if problems detected with log page display
Better explanation dialog if no log database/log is loaded.

HamCall; changed auto-add Name to user field - for non-us callsign where it is stored in lastname field- this is used if firstname field is empty.

HamQTH and QRZ (subscription) API
Added Google maps QTH look-up (only registered version has google maps api) this uses Grid but only if this is set in callbook data.

QRZ.COM Web look-up
changed values for Callsign lookup string due to recent changes at QRZ.

SMTP email alerts: fixed bug - not sending alerts for specific callsigns or remarks data.

Beacon database
Replaced the drop-down selectors with a button interface for band and continent filtering etc,
Added seperate sections for HF band beacons which were previously grouped together.
Added right click look-up options.
Added mousewheel scrolling.

ClubLog upload
Realtime: If QSL received and "B" (etc) in QSLIN field - will prompt to upload and merge this new QSO status to Clublog.
In export/upload entire log to clublog, an opportunity to delete the existing log from Clublog and replace with the new upload.

Increased validating frequency field.
Fixed large data field handling problem.
Renamed and moved option "Import Grid for HF Bands" to general import options - before this was restricted to QRZ downloads.

Added more context sensitive help online, (click on window and F1)

Beacon database updated.

LoTW User list updated

Prefix database updated

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.8.1 release 25 August 2012

v5.8.1 release 25 August 2012

Added: debug option and result window for SMTP sending email from Cluster.
Modified SMTP procedure; added authorisation options.
Dropped mostly obsolete Pop3 verify option.
Other cosmtic changes e.g, visible email counter.
Changed format of email subject and message.
Changed total limit of email during one session to 30, for security reasons this is further limited to 3 for unregistered users and 5 for test emails.
Added: Band filtering for Alert Country options, changed filtering to match country entity code (before it used Country name)
Drop-down country list populates on DXCluster start-up (previously this was manual).

VHF Database
Scroll bars added for Grid QSO list.

Options Changed behaviour - "Contest Duplicates Only" enabled, this will restrict search from contest start period (as before) when "Contest Duplicates Only" disabled, the search is unrestricted (before it did not perform a search in Contest modes).

Add to DXcluster database - Added add 'Beacons' only (mainly for 'in-house' use).
FFixed bug: Alert to Delete DXCluster entries when number is less than 10000 which happened in some instances.

Beacon Database.
The beacon databse was originally compiled by GI0OTC and later revisions on 6m by G4DEZ, I have now taken on the responsibility for this data.
Complete revision and update to 6m/4m/2m beacons, new fields added for revision date and last heard date, some proposed but never active beacons deleted, and many 'personal' beacons not active since 2000 have been deleted.
Added: semi-automated update of Beacon database from DXCluster spots for master database (in-house use only)
6m/4m/2m section is up-to-date as of Aug. 2012, most UHF/SHF beacons updated for Europe
HF and others may be tackled at a later time if there is interest shown.
Added: option (default) Hide QRT or inactive beacons.
Added: Sort order reversal on column header click.

UDP logging interface.
Added this option (Menu/options/Logging Interface/UDP..)
This has been added principally for 'Digital Master 780' data mode software, it will also work across a local network.

Rig Control
Debug option Yaesu RCW#2 and Kenwood RCW#2 - corrected multi-line problem in debug window.
Changed naming on Settings TAB "Other" to "Settings" and revised layout.
Kenwood RCW#1; Kenwood RCW#2; Icom RCW#1; Icom RCW #2; Tentec; Yaesu/V - Added stop bit selection (1/2).
Kenwood RCW#1 - Updated features to match that offered in Kenwood RCW#2
improved transverter offset functions and Memory Bank selection on start-up.
Added Pegasus File Transport Protocol.
Other revisions to incoprporate above protocol.

Added option "Add Name and QTH to User Field" - only works for NON-Winlog32 ADIF output (this info may already exist)

Implimented a real-time upload option for this online logging facility (similar to Clublog) SETTINGS/Options
Added HRDLog call & code param. entry boxes, re-designed 'Other' Tab, Moved option "DXCC Updating" to 'Auto Add' Tab.
Now Single option to enable Upload 'prompt' for all real-time QSO upload options - default is enabled.
Revised layout of this TAB.

Added 'add US State' to Remarks field from HamQTH Callbook.
QRZ Subscrition service, changed log-on address as instructed for latest spec. XML
HAM CALL, bug fixed (buffer) - occasional crash when looking for extended data on newer CD data.

Rig Database Update

Prefix database update included

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.7.6 release 8 June 2012

v5.7.6 release 08 June 2012

Bug fixed in Contest Mode where blank records could be added to Log in some circumstances.
Added duplicate checking and alert in Contest Mode plus a delimiter working from contest start point.
Changed behaviour of BandList when callsign is blank and band is changed, in some circumstances this would keep previous band in Speed logging and Contest modes.
Further changes to bombproof the contest counter,

Rig Control
Typo fixed in Rig Control menu.

F1-F4 keys (send prdefined text) excusive to Winkey when contest mode enabled
this prevents F1 help generated from F1 key etc.
Added duplicate auto send string when a duplicate found.
Changed to 3 letter designators for memories.
Added 'pipe' key to clear/stop sending.

Latest prefix update included (including many GQ exceptions)

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.7.5 release 04 May 2012


Winlog32 v5.7.5 release 4 May 2012

Email forwarding, corrected problem forwarding spots for some options.

Right-click - Look up Country for Callsign for maritime /MM, invalid calls etc, bug fixed.

Rig Control.
Added extra RCW - Yaesu RCW #2.
Added and changed to transverter functionality on Icom#1 & 2 Kenwood #2, Yaesu #2.
Auto set to mem. bank option Icom#1 & #2, Yaesu RCW #2 Kenwood #2, facility to set RCW bank start up position.
Some bug fixes to RCW auto-selection.
Changed some behaviour with active rig window changing Band in Log.
Added some new procedures for transverter offset in RCW - Icom #1 & #2 Kenwood #2 and Yaesu #2, will adopt these for other RCW later.

DXCluster <> Band View.
Added some new procedures for 70MHz and transverter operation also sorted some other problems for the 70MHz band

Log Page & Search Page.
Added option to display bold font (menu/Options/Settings/Pageview)

Prefix update

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.7.4 release 4 March 2012

v5.7.4 release 04 March 2012

Numerous cosmetic changes to improve display compatibility with Vista/W7

"Add text" options.

FLDigi Interface.
Some bug fixes.

QSL Manager Database.
Added better lookup facilities (when QSL Manager Database is populated)

Added latest version of Hamcal32.dll to installation
Added latest version of rac32.dll to installation

Fixed bug in 'Search Prefix' where no prefix entered but prefix entered into Log Callsign input.

Export ADIF FULL * LoTW Export ADIF
Added SAT_MODE tag when Satellite type entered in USER field and PROP field = "SAT"

Rig database update included (added FTDX5000)

Latest prefix update included

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.7.3 release 27 January 2012<

v5.7.3 release 27 January 2012.

Added new online callbook "HamQTH" (EXCELLENT free service).
Changed some cosmetics (toolbar and revised options)
Improved some functions.
Moved option "Show Callbook when nothing found" from Options/Settings to Callbook Options

Added function to clear any leading/trailing space character whilst inputting.

FLDigi Interface.
Adds power to log from power list.

WAB Database
Some cosmetic changes to display to be more compatible with Vista/W7.

DXCluster Band View
Changed right margin to better display scrollbar in Vista/W7.

Print QSL Labels.
Fixed bug where not printing 'via buro/direct' when option enabled.

Online Help system.
Started, but not fully functional yet, est. completion end of 2012.

Latest Prefix update included

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.7.2 release 27 December 2011

v5.7.2 release 27 December 2011.


Fixed bug DXCluster QRZ look-up.

Cosmetic change word "EDIT" to "View".

DXCC & WAE Database
Expanded left side country data view to include prefix and entity code. Right-click look-up in google maps now looks at code and not prefix which previously gave ambiguities.

Corrected bug in duplicate checking (error 3077)
Added count for skipped duplicates.

Prefix look-up
Added pass-through for /JOTA (jamboree stations).
Added all deleted country entities.

Log Maintenance.
Allow 5 - 5.5MHz (60m) as valid frequency.

Log DXCC Display
Added 5MHz band (menu/Graph/Log DXCC Display).

Cabrillo output
Added output for NRRL Fylkestest (user request)

Band Display
Added 5MHz capability.

Added warning to purge the DXCluster database when 10000 records exist - then warning for every for additional 5000 - if not purged.

Print QSL
Added option(s) to change font size/colour/style of "QSL Via *Manager*" - requirement for some QSL bureaus to have this highlighted.
Bug fixed in convert dbw to watts where dbw entered incorrectly > 37
Slight change to mathematics on calculate label size (for printing)

Prefix database updated

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greeting to all visitors

An update should be available before the end off the year

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v5.7.1 beta release 2 December 2011

v5.7.1 beta release 2 December 2011

Hide toolbar option added (options - Show tab).
Email alert; added SMTP & PoP3 ports as user options.

Google Maps.
Fixed bug where window position was not retained.

LOG & Prefix database major overhaul.
Changed lookup algorithm and behaviour.....
Callsigns already entered into log display a Country based on a look-up of the existing logged entity country code ('Code' field)
If no country code is available in the Log or the country code=0 then the Country look-up will be performed by the Prefix database and "Country Name" will be displayed in red (as warning).
Callsigns (QSOs) entered in real-time, display a country looked up from the Prefix database based on the entered callsign and date (as before).
The Log Check Robot can update all zero country codes when LCR has ALL options disabled
With DXCC check enabled - the LCR uses a comparator to check that the Prefix database and Log entity code match.
Changed behaviour of the 'Callsign' field - when editing a previously entered or current QSO callsign - a new prefix country search is provoked.
Also changed some log functionality to try to prevent an incorrect value for country code being added when Log is edited or no code offered when QSO is not entered correctly.
These new procedures make it difficult to enter a QSO without generating a Country Code for the log.

Log eQSL upload.
Added upload errors to debug file (option debug=on).

Search callsign mini window;
Fixed bug:- not displaying QRB/QTF info QSLIN field;

Changed behaviour; if "V" (LoTW verified) already present and later enters "B" now does not delete "V".
Refined Contest procedure to work better with Winkey.

Import ADIF.
Completely revised ADIF importing functions at code level, also will now import 'QRZDownload' files (with exclusion options).

Added 'up-speeder' for contest exchange and modified some functions for better contest working with the Log.

Search Custom Plug-in editor;
Minor changes.

Islands Database.
CISA; corrected error "PQ" prefix - should be "QC".

Callsign lookup - due to changes at QRZ - changed lookup url.

Manager look-up at IK3QAR (right-click list)
Modified to uses internal browser.

LoTW Manager.
Saves Import Grid and IOTA settings.

Log DXCC Display.
Fixed run-time error bug when Window is minimised.

Cabrillo output.
Corrected header "CREATED-BY:" (no hyphen)

Latest Updates.
Now has auto-connect where possible ('connect' button will not be needed in most cases)
Download button enabled only when a new prefix release is available.
Shows date last updated and release number if no new update download is available.
(release start nr.006 Dec 2011)
Will show status if Prefix database is old version.

Rig Control.
Added Kenwood TS-590S to Kenwood list.

Removed option Prefix Auto display (redundant)

New Prefix database version included - this prefix database is NOT compatible with older versions.

Latest LoTW data file (HB9BZA) included.


73 Colin, G0CUZ

Problems with Forum

12 October 2011

The are some ongoing problems with the Winlog32 Forum.

The ISP has been contacted as this appears to be a server related problem but as this is a free and shared service it may be a while.

I the mean time, any problems of questions you have can be directed to me via email

Sorry for the inconvenience

73 Colin, G0CUZ

Winlog32 v 5.6.1 update available

v5.6.1 release 18 July 2011 (19 July 2011 fixed version).

Added South Sudan (new entity) menu/File/Maintenance/File Maintenance - UPDATE DXCC

Print QSL
Fixed some things related to Multi QSL and selecing B/D, Multi/Single printing of selected B/D
Defaulted to Callsign sort order when in Multi/QSL mode.

Add to DXC Database: Fixed bug where bands > 50MHz were not being added.
Column 6 (count) now hidden by default
Removed horizontal scroll bar
Added Show DXCluster database option (default)
Toolbar now permanently displayed. 

New checking routine for ADIF files, also allows files without ADIF header to be imported

LoTW Manager
More error checking in file download - if corrupted file received or empty (input past EOF problem)

VHF Grid locator Database
Allowed "V" LoTW verifications to update confirmed staus for VUCC award (ARRL)
Revised Locator Update routines
More Toolbar filter options for QSL/econfirmed status

Prefix database latest update included

Latest LoTW data file (HB9BZA) included
Winlog32 v 5.5.8 update available

v5.5.8 release 16 May 2011.

Print QSL
Added extra 5 line option to multi-QSO/QSL labels

Bug fix (error 5) in interface for FLDigi Added options for same Will now work in whatever sequence Winlog or FLDigi is started

eQSL export
Bug Fix

QSL Export
Bug Fix
Winlog32 v 5.5.6 update available

v5.5.6 release 11 May 2011.

Fixed bug in 'Search Callsign' & 'Search Prefix' boxes giving wrong prefix information in some Cases.
Changed behaviour of Country display, once QSO is logged will display country data set by the Log entity code if different from that given by Prefix database.
Previously, regardless where Log Country code differed from Prefix search, it would display Country data from Prefix database.

Log Search Replace.
Modified some functions plus added function to allow replace of a latin zero with ascii zero in Callsign field

Changed PROGRAMID tag from "WL32" to "WINLOG32"

Club Log.
Added required api key to 'real time' and log upload

Double-click removed DXCC look-up as this is a duplicated action.

Latest Prefix update included

15 May 2011

I am now trying to get back to some sort of normality, I have released the version of Winlog32 I was working on before the tragedy and will now try and offer support for all users as usual.
I have tried to answer some mail during this period but it is likely that there is some outstanding
If anyone has mailed me with a question or problem and not received a full reply, please can you re-send and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Other than a few necessary changes I may have to make make, any further development work on Winlog32 will wait until after the summer.
Regular Prefix updates should continue as and when necessary.
Thank you all for your understanding.
73 Colin

13 April 2011

Due to a family tragedy, I will not be able to offer any email or forum support or any further development until a later time, I am sorry guys, but please give me a little space and time.

73 Colin
Winlog32 v 5.5.5 update available

5.5.5 Release 17 March, 2011

Introducing a new tool:
LOG DXCC REPORT (menu/Graph/Log DXCC Report)
This acts upon information in the Log rather than what is in the DXCC database
Allows checking Worked/Confirmed from the Log.
Optional filters for Date Range and Band Range (not possible in DXCC Database)
N.B. This is the framework only - This is still under development I may include futher facilities like print/export etc. and whatever else can not be done with DXCC database alone.

fixed F1 - F12 not added memory text to send window.

Latest updates
Added version check to prevent downloading new prefix update from old version (which will not work)

fixed bug not including country entity code?

Latest Prefix update included

5.5.4 Release 6 March, 2011 update available

5.5.4 Release 6 March, 2011
Minor update

VHF Database
Fixed bug - occasional run time error "item not found in this collection" when updating VHF database

DDE Hamscope and MixW
DDE logged callsign - added country lookup plus the entity code now added to Log, untested

Latest Prefix update included (includes 4A4A)

Winlog32 v 5.5.3 update available

5.5.3 Release 22 February, 2011
>Added auto-fetch retro spots on start-up
Added options for above to enable (default), set retro number of spots and optionally fetch single band only
This feature supported by Cluster types AR-Cluster, CC-Cluster, WinCluster, DX Spider,
NOT supported by DXNet and CLX and others.
Improved new user understanding of WLNET by displaying WLNET when no cluster has been selected
Revised back-up on exit procedure
Fixed bug where option multi-log back-up was not working when .SLF files present
DXCC Database
Fixed printing bug where both Country and QSO were printed when Country only option chosen

LoTW Manager
Fixed "Input past EOF" error when downloaded report is empty

DDE hamscope and MixW
Added trapping for type mismatch error when no frequency exists in DDE exchange

Improved response in Contest mode?

Latest Prefix update included

Winlog32 v 5.5.1 update available

5.5.1 Release 12 February, 2011

General *NEW*
Major update and revision to the Prefix Database, now with 10,000+ entries of which 6000 are callsign exceptions.
In able to generate more accurate entity information, the Prefix database is NOT backward compatible with versions before 5.5.1
Because of the greater size of this database, some performance degredation may be noticed, in particular with the Log Check Robot
It is ESSENTIAL to run the Log Check Robot through the log after upgrading to v5, this should be done first with all LCR options DISABLED.
This will correct any errors in entity codes that may be present.
If you are NOT interested in DXCC whatsoever then this is of no importance.
The new version does not allow end user correction of the prefix database like before, so any remaining errors should be reported directly for correction in the master prefix database (You can correct entity codes already entered into the log by double clicking the callsign edit box, also see below)

Added correct parsing of /P# suffix (etc) e.g. /P6 (previously indicated Korea, should be /6 = portable six)
Added Club Log lookup option to Change Country Code in Log.
Added Club Log lookup in right-click Callsign lookup
Added Export option for Club Log with tailored ADIF log with automated upload.
Real-time QSO upload to Club Log, test interface now enabled for details about Club Log

Export ADIF (full export)
Added STX and SRX tags (contest serial numbers) to standard (full) ADIF export

Print QSL
Fixed bug, not updating log for SWL labels in Multilabel function

Export Cabrillo
Fixed some problems with some formats
Added more contest formats to Contest database

Added 'Lock Exchange' option to contest counter, where a fixed exchange is sent, e.g. zone, age, or fixed location signifier.

Log Maintenance
New addition (File/Maintenance/Log Maintenance)
Various log maintenance routines to find, view and correct logging errors.
This facility may be expanded in the future.

Fixed bug in sounds not sounding on DXCC alerts
Added QUE.WAV ("?") for General alerts
Added WAZ.WAV for WAZ alerts

DXCC Database
Added Band Display when scrolling Countries when Band Display window enabled

VHF Database
Fixed bug when in HF mode and using 1.8/3.5 (locale issue)

ADIF Export
Minor checks and correction to QSLOUT date where date may be an abbreviated year.

Backup Log will now include station location file (.SLF)

Changed URL to new spec Changes to code to reflect QRZ XML interface changes with IMAGE and BIO tags plus some minor cosmetic changes.

Solar Database.
Change font colour to one that shows better in XP onwards

Major revision to winkey interface code and behaviour.
Added window expand/contract (toolbar button) to show bigger area for text input
'Send Immediate' mode now works anytime when typing with SEND button pressed
Changed to software buffer, this allows better type ahead editing
Changed buffer size for WK2, switching between Wk1 and Wk2 resets comport, WK1=32 byte com buffer, WK2=128 byte com buffer, although the buffers are now not utilised
Added debug window (for development use only)
Added cursor memory text when hovering over memory toolbar buttons.
Added tracking of send characters which once sent can not be edited in send window, but allows type ahead.
Added contest auto-sending from Log and contest options

QSL Designer & QSL Printing (but NOT QSL Labels)
Added option to print Date in bespoke format like "DD MM YYYY"
Added Option to print RS(T) in bespoke format like "# # #" and strip off (if) contest serial number
The above two options allow overprinting individual values into specific locations e.g. on printed QSL 'boxes'
Fixed latin zero problem.
Added format 'view' for all format options

'ABOUT' window

Error logging -debug mode (File/Maintenance/File Maintenance)br /> Added Winlog32 version to logged errors

Latest Prefix update included, disabled from website downloads (latest updates) until a later time

Latest DXCluster telnet nodes included

Latest IOTA update included new IOTA

Latest LoTW data file (HB9BZA) included

Winlog32 v 5.4.4 update availabletd

5.4.4 Release 14 October, 2010

Due to the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles in the West Indies on 10 October 2010, the two existing PJ entities, St. Maarten, Saba, St. Eustatius (PJ5,6,7,8) - Netherlands Antillies and Curacao and Bonaire (PJ2,4,9) have been deleted from the DXCC list.
These have been replaced with four new DXCC entities announced by the ARRL on 13 October 2010; Bonaire, Curacao, Sint Maarten and Saba-St Eustatius
The DXCC and Prefix database have been updated to reflect these changes in this version.
After installing this version, please use the menu/File/Maintenance - UPDATE DXCC facility to update the DXCC database.
There were no other significant changes to the executable in this version.

Winlog32 v 5.4.3 update available

5.4.3 release, 28 September 2010.

Complete overhaul of LoTW Manager, to greatly improve useability and more accurate function.
Added functionality for easier use with multiple logs.
Some fundemental changes to the Export routines
Some fundemental changes to Import routines
Option to filter download 'QSL since date' of last download
Direct upload of signed file to LoTW server
Direct download of QSL report from loTW server
Added 'Settings' panel... -
-to set Username and password
- to set TQSL file path
- to set URL paths for functions
- in case these are ever changed by LoTW
Plus many cosmetic changes throughout.

Added mouse wheel scroll functionality.

DXCluster Band View
Added mouse wheel scroll functionality.

Prefix Added /BCN as a Beacon (would otherwise indicate China) (Internal)

Changed VHF Grid update functions
Changed DXCC update functions
Changed IOTA update functions

Added mouse wheel scrolling to LogPage
Mode - fixed problem with mode list sometimes being blank on start-up
Added QSONO as a Log sort option (settings)
Fixed bug where 'Keep Current Date' when using post logging was removed when accidentaly tabbing past Date field.

Added further esoteric data modes to export mode validation, most are now compliant with latest ADIF2 spec
I do NOT intend to support non two-way radio modes in Winlog32 e.g. VOI at this time

Print QSL (Label)
Added facility to print power from Log PWR field onto label,
this is achieved by adding '@PWR' to RED text box, the '@PWR'is replaced by contents of PWR field
Added option to convert dbW to Watts for printing onto labels, which works with above.

Log Check Robot
Fixed bug where not updating User award database

Changed internet callsign lookups to internal viewer, (not external browser) - this slightly improves response time
Added internet lookup at HamCall
Added internet API lookup from 'Callook' ( which has up-to-date FCC data (only USA Callsigns)
and includes derived locational information.
Added internet lookup at University of Kansas - FCC (U.S. ONLY) Callsign database,
N.B. at the request of the site owner I have had to restrict use of this last facility (so for the probation period restricted to registered users)
Fixed bug when auto date-time disabled, where cursor would return to Callsign input.

Includes latest Prefix update
Includes latest lotw list (HB9BZA)
Includes latest DXCluster internet nodes

Winlog32 v 5.4.1 update available

5.4.1 release, 01 August 2010.

QRZ Callbook - online subsription interface
added further fields for Grid locator, LoTW user; ITU and CQ zones and some others
added BIO retrival and display.
Rearranged buttons for IMG and BIO

Log Check Robot
Added bi-directional functionality The ">" button - next to the 'Start' button will decide direction LCR will travel
Three functions
1. Beginning of log to end
2. End of log to beginning
3. Any point in Log to beginning or end
Added errror logging when enabled - skips realtime 'error report' pop-up and writes errors found from Callsign lookups to file "ErrorCall.txt"
Option 'VIEW' added, to view the Error log file (N.B. 'VIEW' button only available when there are errors)

ICOM RCW#1 & #2
Fixed bug where sometimes shows blank in Log Mode List

Added 'VIEW' file ("errorlog.txt") option for error debugging.

WAE Database
Corrected mistakes in WAE Database - Updated Country List to include 'Market Reef', Deleted UK Sov. Bases ZC4
Current WAE databases can be updated by just opening the WAE database.

Latest Updates
Added "VIEW" option for "Changes.txt" file

Added function to prevent space character being added to Callsigns - also removes space character if already added to log.

Prefix lookup:
Modified parsing routine, as function was giving wrong results on a call like xx/Pxxxx/P or XX/Axxxx/A
e.g. where trailing suffix = /(trailing suffix)callsign, this was improbable but may occur

DXCluster Band View
Fixed bug on 1.8 and 3.5 bands where decimal "," used (European) - this also affected Rig control using Band view on these bands

Latest Beacon database update included (G4DEZ update)
Latest Prefix database update included
Latest LoTW data included (HB9BZA)
Latest DXCluster Site Manager database included

Winlog32 v 5.3.9 update available

5.3.9 minor update release, 16 June 2010.

Log View
Entity 'Code' field visible state saved, default is not visible.

Log Check Robot
Disabled entity checking when prefix database is not enabled.

Changed the valid start frequency for the 4m band to 69.950 MHz in various functions
Added support for 69.950 through 70.000 to DXcluster Band View display.

Prefix Search Mini Window
Added < 2010 to "YY" date limiter

Callbook Online QRZ callbook subscription service:
Changed server address from "" as instructed by QRZ service providers to ""

See News Archive for older news and history.