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News and development history archive (older than two years)

5.3.8 update release, 06 June 2010.
Added <APP_WL32_field>
LoTW Manager
Fixed reported bug in LoTW update routines where "can not update....." error appears.

Added field 'QTH' (Spotter QTH) to Cluster display.
N.B. Not all Clusters have this feature, DXC-Options, TAB Show, 'Spotter QTH' Spotter and Spotter QTH are excluded from colour coded alerts/alarms now.

Fixed bug in LoTW highlighting, where pattern matching was happening in some circumstances

Latest lotw.txt update included (HB9BZA)

Latest Prefix update included

5.3.7 update release, 28 May 2010.

LoTW Manager
Fixed reported bug in LoTW Update routines in IOTA checking, where LoTW ADIF does not comply with IOTA format

Changed application specific fields to ADIF2 format.

<APP_WL32_field>: IMPORT
Added application specific fields to import, retains compatibility with old fields

Bug fixed for MYGRID MYIOTA flags in QSL multi-label

5.3.6 update release, 18 May 2010.

LoTW Manager
Fixed reported bug in LoTW Update routines in certain circumstances run time error

Print QSL
Added further flags for 'Station Location' details to be printed on label depending on LOG Database loaded, this will usually only be of interest where there are multiple Logs used from multiple locatons.
Flags "MYIOTA" gets IOTA from Station Location
Flags "MYGRID" gets GRID from Station Location
The flags can be added to the Red label or Orange label, N.B. the ROVER option must be OFF
This expands existing flags for MYCALL and MYNAME

Revised Prosign list.

5.3.5 update release, 13 May 2010.

LoTW Manager
Changed procedure in LoTW update routine, if no entity code included from LoTW ignore entity checking routines during update
Added Checking for IOTA value in downloaded report with option to add this to log and check iOTA database.

Print QSL
Fixed bug in multi QSL Label printing wrong QSL manager from having previously updated QSL manager database For multiple QSO/QSL it is necessary to add QSL VIA (manager) to EACH QSO or at least first of the multiple QSOs/QSLs

Latest prefix update included
Latest LoTW info (HB9BZA) included.

v5.3.04 version Update - 19 April 2010

QSLOUT/QSLIN input box
- Fixed bug where data length now allowed max 15 character (was 12)
- fixed bug not allowing 'reserved' letters to be entered (as may be in the case of generating a listener QSL)
thus sequences for Multi etc not enabled where more than 2 characters are entered into QSLOUT

Added function to change entity code for a logged QSO where this may be necessary (double-click callsign)

Export ADIF
export "QPSK63", "RTTYM" added to allowed list.

Fixed. server location not found for various functions (ARRL changed the server name)
LoTW ADIF export - tightened up mode checking, all LoTW allowed modes are sent as-is, other data modes are sent as "DATA"
N.B. Some ADIF modes although permitted by LoTW and the ADIF spec are NOT accepted by TQSL file signing (.TQ8)
LoTW Update - Improved performace of update process.
Added entity code matching from report with Logs, with possibility to update the Log's entity code if needed.

Rig Control
Adjusted behaviour on Icom#1&2 and Kenwood#1 to prevent blank modes being sent to log mode window

Log Check Robot
Changed to a more meaningful explanation for changing entity codes in Log during Log Check Robot update process Revisions to code to improve prefix lookup in LCR
Fixed bug in Search Prefix where reciprocal distance in miles was showing same as for KM

Latest Prefix update included

Latest Internet DXClusters data file included (manual update required in WLNET Site Manager.

Latest LoTW users (HB9BZA) file included

Latest IOTA database included (Finished maps positional information update)

v5.3.01 Update - 23 March 2010

Change behaviour of Export ADIF for eQSL, only selects tagged QSO "*E" in QSL OUT e.g. only QSLOUT with no date suffix

Added DDE link for "PstRotator" and PstRotatorAZ Rotator control programs.
PstRotator can control virtually all popular rotators plus some other revisions to provisions of DDE links to other rotor software.

Changed behaviour of spot row colour background highlighting to avoid clashes when more than one highlight option is enabled.
Band Alert option - now only frequency cell will be highlighted for this option
LoTW user option, changed LoTW highlightig so that frequency cell does not highlight

Rig Control
Added more delay value options to fine tune response
Icom RCW#1 & #2 Fixed frequency display problem in IC-731 and 751 (+Ten Tec Orion VI)
Icom RCW#2 only Added debug mode option plus revised code to make operation sweeter
Kenwood RCW#2 Added debug mode option
Yaesu RCW Added debug mode option, fixed not Sending Mode correctly from Memory buttons
Ten Tec Added debug mode option
N.B. Debug mode should NOT be enabled until you are in commmunication with the author to interpret results

Added check routine to ADD LOG to disallow log names that are not permitted e.g. "All' and 'General'

Fixed bug in import ADIF not importing Grid locator

Latest Prefix update included

Latest IOTA database inlcuded (further maps positional information updated, EU (all), AF(all), AS (all), AN(all), NA(<190), OC(<180), SA(<50)

28 February 2010 v5.2.02 version update -

Google Maps, N.B. This feature initially available only to registered users This feature requires the user to have some technicat ability Requires google maps key and javascript file earth.htm file on publicly accessible web site. See googlemaps.txt in Winlog32 folder or website for further information


Added Google maps functions to Log, DXCluster, DXCC database and IOTA database Added right-click list option to look-up in Google maps for various points in Log, DXCluster, DXCC database, VHF Database, IOTA database.
For this new feature the following possibilities exist:
Lookup Country in Google maps (normally centres on Capital city, or in some cases on regional city)
Lookup IOTA in Google Maps, centers map on Island or principal island in a group, or in some cases on most activated island in group, work on this is ongoing see below re: IOTA.
Lookup VHF Grid locator in Google maps, Centres map on centre of VHF field, and draws a transparent fill overlay of field onto map. Maps window Added Latitude and longitude labels togther wih WW Grid locator display, the positional information will be the CENTRE of the map displayed
Added toolbar 'Options' Added toolbar Option to remove any added overlay from the map display
Added Option to Set the Default Map type, hree types available Standard Maps, Satellite, Terrain
Added Option to Change the 'grid' fill colour (VHF Grid lookup).
Added option to change the transparency of the fill colour (VHF Grid lookup)
Retains position regardless of map size when overlaying VHF grids worked from all fields, otherwise centres on grid field before overlaying worked grids.
When Google Maps option is enabled, disables standard map display.

Update to DXCC database with more accurate positional data for use with google maps, and some changes to entity names, N.B. Manual update required via menu/File/Maintenance/File Maintenance - UPDATE DXCC

Added Print Island names (for 'wanted') in IOTA database option.
Added new fields, for positional data and zoom level for IOTA references for lookup in Google maps, work NOT completed at this time, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Africa all COMPLETED, North America up to NA-030 done, South America; Ociania NOT Done - work on this is ongoing, this is a lenghy process.

Added 'globe' icon which will overlay worked/confirmed grids onto google maps.
Updated Prefix database with more accurate positional data for use with google maps

Added IOTA and Grid lookup when Speedlog is enabled (but not Superspeed option)

SEND SPOT VHF Format option. reversed format (very reluctantly) of YOURGRID<>MYGRID to MYGRID<>YOURGRID to keep in line with other log program formats.

QSL Export function added QSL_RCVD (Y or N) tag to enable printing Please or Thanks QSL in external programs

Bug Fix in QSL Via wrong callsign being added in certain circumstances

Latest LoTW users file update courtesy of HB9BZA

Update to Beacon database courtesy of G4DEZ

Include googlemaps.txt file information on how to set up Google Maps

Latest Prefix update included

31 December 2009

* H A P P Y N E W Y E A R *

- to all visitors to the Winlog32 site. with a special thank you to those who continue to support the software.

Health and sanity permitting, I will continue to develop Winlog32 and support users in 2010

22 November 2009

User Database

*NEW* WAIP "Worked All Italian Provinces" - added to the User database - 'User.mdb'
Thanks to Lucca, IK3AES for his work
The User database is not distributed with Winlog32 but a zipped file of a single database of around 25 award intertests can be downloaded from this site together with instructions on how to enable and use them in Winlog32.

All news items older than 1 year will be moved to the news archive, the archive will be be available on a seperate page.

15 November 2009 minor update v5.1.7 update

a few fixes plus improved compatibility with Vista and Windows 7

Fixed bug in Cabrillo export when selecting a Contest from drop-down list.

Improved Import Option 'ADD DISTANCE' to Remarks and User fields with options for Km & Miles

Improved behaviour of removing /P (portable stations) in DXCluster for subsequent Callsign search

Minor changes to TenTec RCW (untested)

Changed some parameters in Install program to be more compatible with Vista and Windows 7

Latest Prefix data included.


N.B. Important update to Log Database format
N.B. Logs created or updated with this version will NOT work on previous versions of Winlog32.

BETA/1 released Oct 2009

Substantial update to version 5 with revised log database with addition of new field 'Code'
Sequence to update existing logs to new format when Loading LOGS
N.B. This Update requires Log Check Robot to run through log to update the LOG Code field
This may be done with all update options disabled in the LCR.

Revised and improved Column sizing and setting code
Added support for VLF .137KHz to Log
Added right-click "Lookup DXCC in Log" from Log Page

DXCC Band Display.
Completely revised format - now inter-reacting with main log
Options for Various Band List formats

Added: Option - LoTW User lookup and highlight with colour selector.
Added: Option - Spot highlighting for selected bands with colour selector.
Added: Option - Show only spots on selected bands.
Added: Option - Show only spots outside own Continent.
Added: Option - Show only spots inside own Continent.
Added: pop-up menu to DXCC database fields to search main Log for various matching criteria.
Added: pop-up menu to Log Page fields to search Log for various matching criteria
Bug fix: error report after File/Maintenance/UPDATE DXCC - Verify Data - loading Log
Bug Fix: LoTW Updating log on 21 and 50MHz

Added: Add "Distance to Grid Locator" as option to any NON-Winlog32 created ADIF.
Added: Auto-change PROP_MODE "AUR" to "AR" during import.
Added LoTW.txt file to install package

Latest Prefix update included
Latest 'lotw.txt' (HB9BZA) file included
Latest IOTA update included (added AS-199)
Latest DXCluster internet node update included

BETA/2 changes.

Band Display
New options not working and giving SQL error on Search page (only on some Logs): Fixed
Band Display Format options - setting not saved, fixed
Decimal "," change to bands (1.8 & 3.5) where decimal "," used
DXCluster WAZ alerts always showing alerts irrespective of status: Fixed (this probably never worked correctly before)

Rig Control
TenTec RCW not Auto-starting when option enabled, fixed.

Decimal "," changes in DXcluster Band check options display.

Beta/3 changes:
Right-click look-up in DXCluster freq. column - fixed bug.
LOG toolbar "Print QSL", loading "Print QSL" window terminates when no Callsign selected in Log, fixed.

START (Splash) screen, re-arranged Callsign information display.

Added to all RCW windows Settings - Comport tab 'Custom' for selecting com 9 thu com 30
Yaesu: added keyboard frequency control with up/down/left/right arrows as per Icom and Kenwood, untested.

DXCluster/Log Page, corrected the error 387 problem when right-click to DXCluster spot followed by right-click to Log Page.
Improved right-click "Look up Grid in Log" function in Log Page
Added right-click "Look Up Grid FIELD in Log" in Log Page and VHF Database.

Changed colour of 'Country Data' display from white to dark blue.

CALLBOOK - QRZ Online (Subscription service) fixed some things preventing this from working plus improved functionality.
Added response with limited access for non-subscribers (works with standard QRZ login/password).

v4.9.1 released 25 May 2009

Added WAE (Worked All Europe) database including associated Search routines and update module.
N.B.To install this database, after update to new version use menu/File/File Maintenance - 'Create New Ancillary Set' button COUNTRY / BAND DISPLAY
Fixed bug - not displaying status of data modes
Improved response in some circumstances
Disabled display when Log Check Robot is visible.
QSL window.
Added Portrait/Landscape printing option.
Right click menu - fixed problem 'Copy to Log' option removing /P suffix from Callsigns
Bug fixed ADIF 'CHECK FOR DUPLICATES where no ADIF FREQ tag exists in import file.
Prefix Update included.

v4.8.1 released 29 March 2009 Winlog32 Version Update

* *New Feature: BAND DISPLAY * *
Small window displays a graphical worked/Confirmed colour matrix for each DXCC Country. Menu/Options/BandDisplay. W = Worked; C = Confirmed (QSL), V = Verified (LoTW) CV = Confirmed and Verifed This function replaces the normal W/C popup list when the Band Display Window is active.
Changed function to auto-insert reports, now all non-phone modes give RST e.g. 599
DXCC Database
Added extra toolbar queries for "QSL Confirmed Exclusive" and "eConfirmed Exclusive" GRAPHS Added extra toolbar icon under BAND USE to return Band Use for "MY SLECTED BANDS" e.g. the bands displayed are restricted to the 'Band List' in log (those bands Set in Options/Settings - Custom Lists)
Rig Control Windows (all)
Fixed: non-integer values saving of IF Offsets.
Fixed: where certain active windows was not sending Mode to Log.
Fixed: frequency formatting on Ham Logs Online 'real time upload'
Fixed: in Export CSV, previously not including 'Prop' field.
Fixed: in Save settings for "Add Loc From Remarks field"
Improved: Various number formatting problems to make more compatible with European decimal ","
Some other minor code and cosmetic revisions.
Latest Prefix Update included

v4.7.1 released 08 February 2009 Winlog32 version update

General improvements and fixes
Changed behaviour so that once spot selected with left-click, data is retained for further look-ups even if Cluster data changes.
Bug fixed in right-click Look-Up (when European number format) copy to Log
Prefix lookup.
Additional filtering to delete suffixes /ANT & /AAW
Reverted back to previous behaviour of DXCluster window in Winlog32 container window due to many complaints about new behaviour of DXCluster window movable outside and always on top.
Callbook procedures revised (again), QRZ - online focus problem fixed
Print QSL (Label)
Minor adjustments to window display, and fixed 'black' background of sheet display on Vista.
Various windows, changed the right position of scroll bars to improve display in Vista
ADIF Export
Formatted frequency .000 especially for Ham logs online upload
Improved compatibility with European decimal number formatted frequency.
Log Band Selector and Options/Settings Custom Bands, procedures in place to change decimal format for non-English European 'locale'
ADIF Import
Improved compatibility with European decimal number formatted frequency and duplicate checking.
Log View
Added right-click Callsign or Remarks for drop down menu to select:
**From Callsign field
Look-up Callsign in Log
Look-Up country
Look-up DXCC
Look-up Callsign in Callbook
Look-Up Callsign @ QRZ.COM
Look-Up Callsign @ IK3QAR
**From Remarks field:
Look Up IOTA
Look-up IOTA in Log
Look-up Grid Locator
Look-up Grid locator in Log
Minor cosmetics
DXCluster WLNET node list updated
Includes latest Prefix database

v4.6.02 released 12 October 08 Winlog32 Version Update

* * * New Feature * * *
'Ham Logs Online' Real-time Upload
Real Time upload to 'Ham Logs Online', (see -
Export Log ADIF Tailored new export for HLO, also part Log export from current log position - to allow newly imported QSO to be exported to HLO, made numerous changes to code to improve accuracy.
Options/Settings/OTHER to enter username/password and settings.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Station Location
Changes to reflect Station Location callsign in Winlog32 header - the SL Callsign (if present) will be used by various export routines where appropriate.
Fixed bug in Iambic mode selection.
Changed default' Farnsworth' value from 'OFF' to '0'
Changed Window heading, now begins "DXCluster....", this will differentiate the WLNet and DXCluster windows when minimised in the task bar.
Rig Control Work
started on TenTec Omni-VII untested.
Bug fix:
Reposition log not always indicating current position when menu/Database/Prefix Auto-Display enabled

Rotator Control Basic work started on rotator control interface, not completed - no available in this version
Prefix determination Search now determines xxx/LS as 'Light Ship' Operation
Prefix database latest update included.
Plus a few minor cosmetic and code changes
73 - G0CUZ

v4.5.01 released 07 September 2008 Winlog32 Version Update

Added right-click drop down menu to select:
From Callsign field
Copy to log
Look-up Callsign in Log
Look-Up country Look-up DXCC
Look-up Callsign in Callbook
Look-Up Callsign @ QRZ.COM
Look-Up Callsign @ IK3QAR
From Frequency Field:
Return Rig to Previous Frequency
From Remarks field:
Look Up IOTA Look-up IOTA in Log
Look-up Grid Locator
Look-up Grid locator in Log
From Spotter Field:
Look Up spotter in Log
Saves DXCluster column widths.
Refined behaviour in some functions
LoTW Manager
Added BPSK125 to Mode rationlising.
Added error checking on TQL file name/path
Rig Control:
Ten Tec, fixed European number translation problem when sending frequency from memory buttons.
Fixed Winkey 1 initialisation problem?
QSL designer:
Fixed funtion which adds comments from Remarks & User fields enclosed with [ ] to label
Bug fixes:
Fixed: Bug in QSLOUT field, when using Updated 'NET' (internet DXClusters) database.
Fixed: Bug in Callbook window, occasional crash when searching.
Includes latest Prefix Update
Updated 'NET' (internet DXClusters) database
73 - G0CUZ

v4.4.03 released 22 June 2008 Winlog32 version update

Rig Control
Fixed 'Return To Previous Freq' in various RCW's
Added FT-450 to Yaesu V RCW

Print QSL (label) functions.
Added option to Change Font attributes for printed Callsign, e.g. Font style, Bold, Colour.
Added option in QSLOUT Log field: enter "M" will select previous QSO with same station and add "B" to QSLOUT field to enable easy selection for multi-QSL label printing. Only QSO where QSL has not been sent before will be selected.

DXCluster Alerts.
Added alert for worked but not confirmed (dark Red-Brown), this is optional and default is OFF.
Added alert for "All Time New One" where the red text becomes most prominent.
Added alert for unidentified or ambiguous Callsigns in cluster spots e.g. "CQ" - text will be 'greyed'
Some enhancements to enable updating or adding User awards databases without affecting QSO data already entered from the Log. menu/Database/User/'Update User Databases' - this requires a file from whoever produced the original database 'User.MDB' (called User.TPL) and should be placed in ..\Winlog32\DATA folder.
N.B. The User awards database(s) are not provided by or the responsibility of me! - I just provide the programming interface.
DXCC Database
Disabled the 'proper Case' editing feature - this feature prevented manually entering Country names like "engLAND" - such an entry would always be displayed as "England", this feature now disabled to allow editing to any format required (as ENGLAND/england/England). I Will re-instate this feature in future if enough requests.
Some changes to QRZ Callbook interface, can now access QRZ callbook installed to hard drive, also extracts email address and any images present in QRZ Callbook installation can be displayed.
LOG added ignore 'Conversion Error' table in loaded logs
WAS Database Fixed query giving wrong stats. in 'Worked/Not Confirmed'
Winkey Fixed Prosign BT "=" was displayed incorrect "-"
Updated DXCluster 'node' database.
Updated Prefix Database.
73 - G0CUZ

v4.3.01 released 01 March 2008

DXcluster Band View
Major work on 'Band View' window now with auto scrolling from Rig and cluster spots. from BandView toolbar, band view will now track cluster spots, or rig frequency/Band changes, toolbar option ^
N.B. Needs a RCW active (Icom or Kenwood) to use this feature but works without a rig connection.
(for those who have the maps)
Added Auto Show map options to DXCluster 'options' - Tab 'SHOW' Auto-show is suspended when log input is in progress
Log QSLOUT field.
Stopped response to "L" (SWListerner) input to this field
Fixed bug in QSLIN not allowing manual update of "V" (verified) QSO when "B" already entered
Fixed bug in Cabrillo IOTA Contest export correct format for IOTA nr.
Fixed bug in 'Hamscope' DDE interface, not logging QSO's after first one.
Updated Prefix Database
Updated Rig Database
73 G0CUZ

v4.2.06 released 24 December 2007 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR from G0CUZ

Build 07 (26 December 07) has fix for Yaesu RCW
Added feature to disable the auto-display of Country data from Cluster when "Search Prefix" function is being used, display is disabled for 10 seconds, this change because the 'Search Prefix' function can become unusable during intense Cluster activity.
Rig Control window:
Added 2nd RCW for Icom rig#2
Added 2nd RCW for Kenwood rig#2
Added activate RCW window to take PC Rig commands
Added non-active RCW has blue freq display to distinguish in multi-rig/RCW environment.
Added support for rig type FT-100D
Added Options for Winkey2 Switch between key1 and key2 output from Toolbar
Sidetone on/off select
Added Selectable Reports
DXCC Database (auto-updating)
Added Option to NOT to overwrite existing QSL confirmed QSO with LoTW verified QSO details, if option in not enabled (default) then function will work as before = LoTW QSO with overwrite previous QSL confirmed QSO.
DXCC Database updated with new DXCC entity #318 "St Barthelemy" (Use menu/File/Maintenance/File Maintenance - UPDATE DXCC)
Bug fixes
Fixed bug in Transfer (file maintenance - across a network path)
Fixed bug in Search window where search criteria does not include 'Remarks' field
Fixed cosmetic bug in Yaesu V Rig Control window always displaying FT-2000
Fixed bug in Print QSL Design not always showing full frequency when option "Include KHz" enabled.
Fixed bug in DXCC database when in European decimal number format = "," "Find QSO in log" option and Band = 1.8 or 3.5 does not find QSO
Auto-Add US State:
Added additional checking for U.S. State from RAC callbook, now does not return State for non-US callsigns
Band view
7MHz extended to 7.300
Prefix Database updated
Rig Database updated
GI0OTC Beacon database updated (Thanks G4DEZ)
Plus various other minor changes and fixes
73 G0CUZ

13/08/2007 new version available Winlog32 v4.1.3 released

IMPORTANT * after installing the v4 update to Winlog32 v3, you must use the
Menu / File / Maintenance / File Maintenance - "Update DXCC Database" function - see below.....

Version 4 uses new routines for Country checking, this version has had significant changes at code level to enable this, these changes will allow greater accuracy and will allow further expansion in later releases. The changes may not be immediately apparent
A Country 'code' is now used for all related DXCC lookups, previously the Country name was used for matching, the change will in effect allow Country name changes to be made to the DXCC and Prefix database without affecting the DXCC country lookup matches.
Because of an increasing number of DXCC entity name changes (e.g. Zaire/Congo, Yugoslavia/Serbia) these changes have had to be implemented.

The structure of the Prefix database and DXCC database has been changed, updating to the new DXCC database structure will require current users to use the Menu/File/Maintenance "Update DXCC Database" function - once the structure has been updated it will require no further attention on your part.
As the Prefix Database structure has been changed, any Prefixes added by the user using the 'Allocate Country' process will be lost.

Those who use multiple Log databases using separate Ancillary Database sets, need to update the DXCC database for each Log database used.

After using the "Update DXCC Database" function, I recommend running the Log Check Robot through your Log.

Failure to update the DXCC database(s) will disable functions associated with the DXCC database including updating DXCC from the Log; DXCluster DXCC checks, DXCC reports in DXCC database and the Band Matrix display.
I strongly recommend that all users updating to v4, should update the DXCC database immediately to avoid other possible unseen problems.

All NEW installations of Winlog32 will have the new database structure in place
and will NOT require the databases updating!

I intend to release DXCC update files in the future to reflect any changes to the DXCC entity naming conventions - this will be processed similar to the present Prefix & IOTA updates.

Added some self-repairing features to Prefix database.
Other changes in v4......... Print QSL
Added QSL card printing from main Log Page Toolbar without opening Print QSL window. (repositioned UTC Clock to accommodate toolbar button).
Print QSL card using right mouse click on QSL Card window - (not possible to edit QSL Card in this mode).
Changed default "Band" label to "MHz", this will only appear to new users, existing users can edit their own labels if required, this was giving confusion where BAND = 10 (MHz) and is not 10m.

'Talks' window modified to always show last talk(s) received.

Added Option auto-reconnect if lost connection is no data received after 'x' period, with 'x' having a minimum time delay of 3 minutes, this time span is to prevent sysop annoyance!
The connection check will take place after no spots have been received for 'x' minutes, if connection is lost reconnection is attempted.

DXCluster/Rig Control
Added return to previous frequency using right mouse click

Rig Control/Yaesu V
Added FT-450 (Untested)

Added support for 'LP-Rotor', this external program can control Hy-Gain rotators through the DCU-1 interface or RotorEZ interface, can also control Yaesu rotators through the Rotorcard interface, this is in addition to the 'ARSWIN' rotator control DDE link already provided, N.B. LP-Rotor with Winlog32 auto-start enabled will generate an error in host software.
Solution start LP-Rotor before Winlog32.

Added multiple Station Callsign updating to current Log, where "Station Callsign" from LoTW report may be different but all QSOs are included in a single Log
Warning if "Station Callsign" is different with this option it will include any other Station Callsigns in check routines.
Fixed bug in LoTW ADIF export error file counter.

User Databases
Constructed utility for updating User.MDB database, available upon request.
Added 5 more User Database table slots making a total of 30 possible award interests in one database.

Added 'Save Settings' toolbar option, this will also save all current settings in Winlog32 too.
Added Winkey auto-start (Winkey Options) on start-up
Fixed bug turning 'Watchdog' off, 'Watchdog' in now permanently engaged - ensuring no period of inadvertent continuos keying.

Added interacting drop-down list for year filter and some other cosmetic changes.

Fixed sporadic error 3149 when pressing END button when using real-time eQSL upload option - NOT AS YET CONFIRMED FIXED.
Fixed sporadic null error when using 'Auto-add' remarks from previous logged QSO's
Non critical bug fixed in Search Callsign "SQL Error"

New Prefix database structure and updated
New DXCC database structure and updated

Beacon Database updated (Thanks to Bryn, G4DEZ)

08/07/2007 NEWS

Sorry for lack of information on the news page, I have been very busy with a domestic project in 2007, but have still been working on Winlog32 as time allows and version 4 should be available soon.

Version 4 brings many changes at code level to improve the possibilities for future expansion, as well as some improvements already requested.

01/01/2007 NEWS

Winlog32 v3.2.01 released 23 December 2006 H A P P Y N E W Y E A R
I intend to continue to support and develop Winlog32 in 2007, Happy New Year and good DX to all.
Added RCW for new Yaesu FT-2000 breed, as yet untested and unproven - work ongoing

Added option to keep Callbook search window alive if nothing found.

Added new procedures to Latest Updates to allow direct downloading to correct \DATA folder of Prefix, IOTA, RIG update database files rather than using default Windows browser and previous used file path.

Added Option: Multi Log Database backup on exit.

Added Option to Log Check Robot to add "B" flag to QSLOUT field for any new entries found in DXCC, IOTA, WAZ, WAS databases thus creating outgoing QSLs.

Added Options to automatically add IOTA, Grid Locator or ALL Remarks from the last QSO with same Callsign to the present QSO Remarks field.

Revised Prefix search for better parsing of certain 'designer'? suffix e.g. A4/ND & A6/ND

Fixed bug to stop QSL database being updated by LoTW flagged "V" confirmations.

Fixed 'European ',' decimal' bug in Band map on 5 and and 9 band DXCC.

Beacon Database updated - thanks to Bryn G4DEZ

Prefix database updated

Rig Database updated

Winlog32 v3.1.04 released 07 October 2006

Solar Database
Bug fix and added more error checking for manual entry.

Fixed problem for 1.8 and 3.5 MHz bands where decimal is comma (european convention)
Fixed problem saving left position of window
Added resizeable height of window.
Added rig freq control from any position in Band View regardless if spot displayed.
Added DXCC lookup from double-click callsign
Revised the populate order so that younger spots always have precedence
Fixed bug in clearing spots after 'x' minutes

Added Options & programmable command toolbar buttons .

Search Prefix mini-window
Added extra functionality for Prefix Search where Prefix over Date searches can give instances where Country allocation for prefix may have changed in previous years, added "YY" button to select Year or right-click Search (prefix) button.
To test function, enter prefix "VP6" - Gives 'Pitcairn', now right-click search and select year 1980 - now see the Country change to Barbados! Date will remain active until prefix is changed or after 'CHK DXCC' button is presssed after which it will revert to the current date..
Search Prefix "CHK DXCC" button will now also check against the Country name displayed if 'Search Prefix' is empty AND Callsign field is empty in Log.

Added DXCC Verify Database which will check-out and correct any mis-spellings present.

26/09/2006 NEWS

As of today I will be using a new email address for all Winlog32 related correspondence, I am deleting "winlog@...", and "g0cuz@.."

The NEW address will be:
N.B. The placement of "32" is deliberately wrong!- it MUST BE as per the regular software name in the above address of course, this is hopefully to fool those email trawlers who might find there way onto this page.

Recently I am having a deluge of spam mail on the old addresses

I have a natural dislike of spam caching software (so please don't email me recommending any - hi)
I may re-instate the old addresses at a later date.
IT ALWAY HELPS ME IF YOU CAN ENSURE THAT WINLOG IS MENTIONED IN MESSAGE SUBJECT - I get these messages moved into a special folder where they always get first attention (before I sort the junk out)
Only about 5% of related mail I receive has Winlog in the subject so it would REALLY help....
guys I also really appreciate mail in plain text (not html), I always FORMAT to plain text before reading anyway.
If the above sounds a bit fussy, please consider that I spend a few hours each week answering mail on Winlog32 related matters, which I love to do - so please don't stop sending them, but it will make my life easier!
Thanks for your co-operation
Colin - G0CUZ

10/09/2006 Winlog32 v3.1.01 Release<

So here we have the latest public release of WInlog32, hope you all will download and install to keep up with all the latest additions.

Band Map enhanced
Added toolbar
Added options: All; 5 band DXCC; 9 Band DXCC; VHF/UHF Only
Added Print option
Added Export (CSV) option

Rig Control: ICOM
'Initialise' now also resets the Com Port.

Bug fixed; uploading muliple instances of ADIF fields in certain circumstances.

'DXCluster' now has it's own item on main menu (moved from menu/databases section)
Changed list order of Announcements, latest announce. is added to top of list

New feature,
On-going development, initial work included for evaluation.
Adds spots to a frequency gradient display.
Menu/DXCluster/'Band View' starts it.
All main DXing bands 1.8 - 1296MHz are supported via toolbar buttons.
Only approx 50kHz segments can be displayed at any one time in 1kHz increments, other parts of band are scrollable into view.
Only one Band at a time can be viewed.
Displays Callsign and comments on incoming spots in respective band, toolbar allows changing band, when band is changed spots are added from existing DXCluster display, after 1 minute this clears to show only recent spots added, time is default 30 minutes, and old spots are removed after this period, any new spot on the same frequncy will overwrite existing.
Display resolution is 1kHz, marked at 5kHz, spot frequencies are rounded up/down to nearest kHz e.g. 14001.6 = 14002 and 14001.4 = 14001
Band View interacts with DXCluster window which must be started for this feature to work.
NO 'coloured' or other alerts are added to this view.
Right click Callsign to display other spot details.
Rig Control from this 'view', and other 'checking' functions will be added later.
IOTA (etc) checks can be made as in DXCluster window (double-click remarks colum containing valid IOTA ref)
Option to start with Band View window minimised.

Prefix allocation window
Added export faciity of any User added entries, these entries can be submitted to G0CUZ for consideration of being added to the master prefix database.

ADIF Import
Added mapping of 60m band to 5MHz

Solar database/DXCluster fix? for date formatting problem in Solar database for some regional settings

Added new function keyboardf key "F4" or menu/database/Callbook/Online - Look-up@IK3QAR
Opens browser window with search enabled for current Callsign in the Log, if no callsign present, it opens same browser window ready for a Search.

Prefix database updated

Help file updated
73 G0CUZ

04/08/2006 NEWS

I will not be available for any online help via mail or otherwise between 6 August and 13 August
All email comments, queries and help will be dealt with after I return, please be patient - it may be a few days before I catch up.
As always you may address the Winlog32 Forum about Winlog32 related matters.

Winlog32 v3.0.07 Release 25 July, 2006

Winlog32 interim release is now available, (wl32v3007.exe)
Main issues on v3.0.07, is for new DXCC entity 'Swains Is' which can be added to your existing DXCC database with facility menu/File/Maintenance/Misc/Update DXCC Database.
Also added 'save' for Search window position, this may initially set the search page to the left, but once re-positioned should stay-put!
Updated Prefix database also included

Winlog32 v3.0.06 Release 9 July, 2006

Winlog32 interim release is now available, (wl32v3005.exe)
---------- Winlog32 v3.0.05 - v3.0.06) ----------
(N.B. v3.0.06 has MixW fix - this was the only change since 3.0.05)
Added update for DXCC database (menu/file/Maintenance) - this will add 'Montenegro' as DXCC entity #336.

Added auto-emailer facility to DXCluster to send email alerts, facility limited to 3 emails in un-registered mode because of security issues but Registered users can set up to maximum number of alerts allowed. A small level of security against abuse (your registered callsign will ALWAYS be added to outgoing emails), SORRY but this security could not be added to unregistered versions with possible abuse or misuse and is the ONLY reason this is limited in the unregistered mode.
Added optional POP3 authorisation before uploading (some email servers may require it)

Added Watch for 'Country' on DXCluster spots

ADIF Export added mapping 'J2D' to PSK31

MixW DDE interface
changes at code level.
Setting in Winlog32 power list will be added when adding a QSO.

Initial work done on DDE Interface, but not completed.

Log Page (fix)
Improved the response to resizing whilst scroll bars are present, cause page to jump to last columns.

Due to changes at the WOTA server, I have now enabled negative latitude values to West of Greenwich Meridian (previously WOTA required positive values).
Save option on Lat/Long with decimal to six places can be manually added enabling accurate QTH placement (Google Earth etc.).
Added support for new field 'ADIF', multiple ADIF tags can be uploaded/viewed in this field e.g Zones, IOTA etc.
Added support for new field 'Group Messaging', upload interests that can send/receive group messages (not tested).

'User' database,
Menu will now allow up to 25 award interest tables to be used. '501' record count problem fixed.

Prefix database update.

Plus a few minor fixes and cosmetic changes.

Winlog32 v3.0.01 Release 16 April 2006

* * * * * *HAPPY EASTER * * * * * *

Winlog32 version 3 now available, not really a big 'version' step but a natural progression of numbers....some interesting and useful additions though.

73 de G0CUZ

Winlog32 v3.0.01 update available

Added WOTA support, "What's On The Air" direct link and interaction with the online WOTA server database.
Includes passive mode; messaging to other users; automatic sending status;
Selectable queries to WOTA database for interests; List current users plus cross-checking Log for Callsign; Ancillary database check on US States and Counties, Grid locators worked/confirmed status, Grid Locator QRB and QTF indication.
Transfer frequency from WOTA to RCW (ICOM/KENWOOD only)
Ongoing development.

Added Options
'Add Band Only' Transfer Frequency BAND only, default transfer full frequency to Log.
'Add Info to User', 'Add Info to Remarks'
These two options select which field the Name/QTH info is added to.

'Find duplicates' facility; menu/file/maintenance, this facility allows finding duplicate QSO's in the Log caused by importing the same QSO twice etc, duplicates can be deleted.

QSL Card database; added quicker auto-update option.

ADIF import
Added option to exclude Contest Serial Numbers from the log RST fields

Added Ten-Tec Rig Control Window.
Added support initially for 'Orion'

Yaesu: Added FT-1000D (thanks W5UN test)
Yaesu: Added FT-840 (thanks M0TIF test)
Yaesu: Added FT-767GX (limited use -TRX > RCW only)
Icom: Added IC750 Pro III

Fixed bug in saving window position when minimised, causing the Winkey window to disappear
on next start-up.

Updated Help File

Includes latest prefix update
Includes latest Rig update
Includes latest IOTA update

Plus various minor fixes and cosmetic changes.

14/12/2005 --- Winlog32 v2.9.11 update available ----

de G0CUZ

Winlog32 v2.9.11 Release 24 December 2005
Added error report after exporting to LoTW and eQSL ADIF export, this enables error QSOs to be recorded and later viewed in a text file after exporting, the export field error is indicated, thus enabling a manual correction of Log data.

Extensive revisions to ADIF export, particularly for eQSL and LoTW, more error checking and some aspects of ADIF-2 specification enumeration on Band, Mode and Prop Mode implemented.
This is also a useful facility to check Log data for errors e.g. missing or incorrect Band Mode etc.
Made 1000 QSO export for eQSL optional, added option to export all QSO, added option to Include QSOs with empty 'rpt out' field to exclude exporting non-completed QSOs if you wish to indicate them this way, the default is set to export all logged QSO and ignore contents of 'Rpt Out' field.
LoTW export already excludes QSOs where there are no reports added to 'Rpt Out' and 'Rpt In' fields previously taking this option from 'Log Check Robot' setting, this now has a direct independent option on the LoTW Export window.

Rig Control.
Kenwood RCW - Added delay before initialise command.
TS-940 - changed init. command, now works correctly.
Initial work started on Ten-Tec RCW (for Orion)

Fixed problem with map icon not appearing entering a Callsign (in Registered version)

IOTA Database.
Fixed problem with wrong field export for IOTAMEM4WIN (problem had existed since v2.7 with multiband/mode IOTA database)

Band Map.
Total Confirmed statistics added to title bar, now reads "Total Worked: xxx Confirmed: xxx" , eConfirmation (LoTW) included.
Fix, now only showing Countries which have current "DXCC" Status, 'Deleted' status are ignored.

Improved action of Function keys
Improved action of LED data indicators.

Databases 'Auto-Check' options.
Fixed bug which turned off auto-check options on WAB, USCH, WAS databases when restarting.

Prefix database update
IOTA Database update
Help file updated.

15/11/2005 Winlog32 v2.9.06-7 update available.

Winlog32 v2.9.06 Release 13 November 2005 (Fixed build 7 since 15 November)
Added window BAND MAP, gives summary of DXCC Band/Mode Worked/Confirmed. (menu/Graphs/Band Map)
Build 7 fixed Europeans using the decimal separator ","

Revised function of mini-window 'SEARCH CALLSIGN'
If input is absent from this search then search takes place from current logged callsign if available.
Additional functions
Search for any previous entries of logged callsign
Search for previous callsigns that may match partial logged callsign.

Revised function of mini-window 'SEARCH PREFIX'
If input is absent from this search then search takes place from current logged callsign if available.
Additional functions
Prefix search of any logged callsign or part logged callsign
Check DXCC of any logged callsign

Revised function of mini-window 'CHECK GRID/LOC'
If input is absent from this search then search takes place from current 'Remarks' field.
Additional functions
Search of previous logged QSO for grid locator in current 'Remarks' field
Check VHF Database for status of grid locator entered into current 'Remarks' field

Revised function of mini-window 'CHECK IOTA'
If input is absent from this search then search takes place from current 'Remarks' field.
Additional functions
Search of previous logged QSO for IOTA in current 'Remarks' field
Searches Log for both formats 'AF001' and 'AF-001'
Check IOTA Database for status of IOTA entered into current 'Remarks' field

Rig Control.
Icom Rig Control CI-V extended to include the IC-735 (CI-IV)
More work on FT-767GX control but not tested.

Improved Memory bank save name routine, bug fixed on displaying Bank #0 name.
Transfer frequency from Beacon database (double-click frequency) to VFO
Added right-click 'edit' menu for Adding/Editing/Deleting frequency/Mode and Comment for each Memory plus 'Properties' for analysis of memory contents
Paste (clipboard) frequency from other applications added.
Memory slot number now displayed together with any added comment.
Change USB<>LSB when incrementing frequencies with up/down buttons

Fixed problem with delay when Polling 'Mode' from a DXCluster spot.
Fixed problem not saving 'Delay' value.

Added 'RESTORE PAGE VIEW' to MAINTENANCE window, this restores Log Page and Search Page positions and resets column widths to default. This may be useful if having display problems.

Added extensive error logging to most procedures logged to 'errorlog.txt' in Winlog32 folder, results to aid locating function errors, error logging is optional: menu/file/maintenance - Debug - default is OFF.

Added further error checking in 'Search and Replace', possible to bulk delete using "*" on some fields.

Revised functions to stop Database 'Auto' functions disabling themselves in some circumstances

'Delete' option added to 'Allocate Prefix' Window, removes a user prefix/callsign entry from Prefix database so that the look-up reverts to default from the master Prefix database.

Additional function added to Prefix search to detect /LGT and /LHT Callsign entries (Lighthouse operations giving erroneous results in prefix searches)

Some improvements to display data and added option to display and print Frequency as per log frequency format.

Bug in data transfer to the SWL visual label fixed.

Work started on QSL Card designer to be compatible with sending cards to SWL's
Added toolbar option to add standard set of text for QSL cards e.g. Callsign. 'To Radio' etc. plus other minor modifications and improvements.

LoTW report Log update routines improved, only information of first 20 errors is displayed after updating, his corrects 'lock-up' problem when multiple logs are contained in single report, plus a few cosmetic changes.

Bug fixed in Prefix Information window where will not display information after closing and re-opening window.

Bug fixed in 'new user' automatic make new Log Database and load blank Log not working.

Maximise button disabled from Station Location window, corrected tab order through input area.

Prefix database updated

DXcluster Telnet address list updated (now has160 entries)

Help file updated.

Winlog32 v2 v2.8.37 Release 23 July 2005

This release is mostly a requested 'fix' release due to the many changes at code level in version 2.8.36 and includes the following.

XP 'white' background problem fixed

Some issues with map icon display and also various Search Prefix functions revised.

IOTA updated with latest additions.
Rig database updated.
Prefix database updated

17/07/2005 Winlog32 v2.8.6 update available

Scrolling through Log or Log Page by any method automatically updates the Country Data display; this being optional for faster computers.

Added Prefix database Information window, show updates entries etc.

New Prefix/Callsign checking procedures shows pop-up with Worked/Confirmed status; QRB and QTF.
Double-click Locator in DXCluster two stage checks on comment field; with Worked/Confirmed status, QRB & QTF plus distance between two locators if both present in spot.

DXcluster checking now works independent of Log so full checks when log actually in use.

Bug fixed in DXCluster "Show Date" option not saved.

More selectable Internet DXCluster URLS added to WLNET.

Updated Islands databases (changes only reflected in NEWLY created databases)

DXSpot send window VHF FORMAT, now adds QRB (distance) when greater than 500km to 144 MHZ and up spots.

Some work done on FT-767 rig control, but needs more testing (FT-767 users please contact me).

Bug fixed in 'User' database Confirmed status not updating.

Added date stamp to all database printouts.

Numerous small changes and fixes at code level and cosmetics.

01/06/2005 Winlog32 v2.8.29 update available.

Bug fix
Modified the Power List Selector, now value can be changed when set to OFF (skip) position but only in Log edit mode.


DXCluster and VHF Locators.
Added better functions and checking of multiple VHF Locators in each DXCluster spot.
Multiple Locator checks for 'double-click' DXCluster 'Remarks' field.
If more than one locator is found, will check each in turn for Worked status.
Settings and Options - revised layout
Option to hide DATE in DXCluster display
Added extra 4 'Watch Callsign' Alerts

Bug fixed in picture file processing
Window size reduced and layout revised for improved functionality
Window position saved and 'pops' if window previously minimised

Log Check Robot
Saves principle settings upon exit

(Cabrillo) Option added for 'VHF reporting' formatted text (in non-Cabrillo format), saves file and clips to Windows clipboard.
Various other minor changes and improvements

01/05/2005 Winlog32 v2.8.23 update available

New procedures retain any DXCluster column re-sizing during the session.

Fixed bug in IOTA Mini Window Worked/Confirmed Check

Made changes to QRZ Online lookup, now gets QSL manager, and image tag, button opens image - if available in browser. Other improvements to online Callbook; corrected address printing from QRZ online/callbook lookups

Improvements to QSL Manager lookups from GoLIST QSL Manager database. Added button to lookup address of returned QSL Manager from Callbook.

Bug fixed in Infolink not opening from callsign field

Corrected BARTG-RTTY contest Cabrillo output.

Added more modes recognising data mode for auto-RST functions

Changes to import ADIF routines, added duplicate checking when importing, added auto-load log after importing, added more obvious 'import' button.
Import a fixed comment to the 'User field', a
Option to add static power value to 'PWR' field during import.
Import ADIF routine changes any USB or LSB modes to "SSB"

Menu/options/settings CUSTOM LISTS - ADD MODE, checks for USB or LSB modes with warning that they are changed to SSB for Database rationalisation.

FT-920 added to Yaesu RCW and working; Bug fixed in Yaesu RCW for FT-1000 series; some work done on FT-990 but not tested.

DXCC database update routine changed to check SSB against USB/LSB band entries

Help File updated
Various other minor changes and improvements

28/03/2005 Winlog32 v2.8.10 update available

Added update window where you can get latest software version and database update information from Winlog32 host, with direct connection to files, auto-update for Prefix, IOTA and Rig databases.

Added 'auto-add' Name for QRZ Online callbook to user field.

Added transfer Log database, ancillary databases and other essential files facility to Maintenance Window, allows transferring files to another installation (also over network).

Added Check DXCC worked status with double-click on DXCluster Callsign

Corrected Mode changing in Yaesu RCW
Added Rig Yaesu FT-920 to RCW

Improved 'Infolink' window which can stay open and react with Log, added browse facility and improved functionality.

Prefix Database updated.
IOTA Database Updated

Master USCH database updated (update only available for new Log databases) current one USCH database can not be updated.
Help File updated
Various other minor changes and improvements

22/01/2005 Winlog32 v2.8.6 release available

Added active background colours to search input boxes
Added double-click IOTA Searches from Remarks field on Log and Log Page
Added double-click Grid Locator Searches from Remarks field on Log "Remarks", Log Page and DXCluster

Improved IOTA parsing & checking in DXcluster.
Improved Locator Grid parsing and checking in DXCluster.

Added Multi-QSO methods to Label printing (toolbar option).
Button sets labels 2-6 to same format/layout as label 1.
Re-arranged options tabs.

Change some parameters in Kenwood RCW.
Bug fixed in Yaesu Mode changing from DXCluster spot
Auto-update rig list in rig database added.

Added sending variable Pause when in Loop mode.

Help file updated

Prefix Database updated.

31/12/2004 NEWS

* * * H A P PY N E W Y E A R 2 0 0 5 * * * *
to all Winlog32 users de Colin, G0CUZ
Work progressing for next release on printing multi-QSO label format and other improvements with QSL Label printing
Improved Grid Locator and IOTA checks in DXCluster window, plus IOTA & Grid Worked/Confirmed/Band summary available when double clicking a cluster spot, Delete Cluster database entries option added......

Winlog32 v2.8.2 version available 19 December 2004.

Version release (revised - bug detected in v2.8.1 - IOTA scroll bars) missing
Includes the following changes additions and fixes....
IOTA database, new format multi-band and multi-mode
Automatic import of old QSO data into new format.
IOTA Island list updated Dec 2004.
With new format the IOTA database will now have regular and automatic updates.
New IOTA update procedures, query procedures, search procedures etc.

LoTW: bug fixes for path and/or file not found

DXCluster revised to allow announcements with different Cluster string format (e.g. F5MZN-DXNET)

Corrected problem with Search Date mini-window not closing and clearing with "X" button.

Added picture viewer to InfoLink window, if picture file name added to URL field 'GO' button will display picture (.JPG or .GIF files only).

"Quit Prompt" is now optional, default setting being the "Quit Prompt"
Added error checking on Kenwood and Icom rig database
Bug fixed in the Kenwood RCW - minimised setting not restoring.

Version revision number now shows on startup screen and title bar.

Changes and improvements to CLoc & Rover functions.

Help file updated.

Prefix database updated

15/10/2004 Latest version of Winlog32

Not a major version increment but this latest release does have several additions, changes and fixes:
Winlog32 v2.7.11 version release, 16 October 2004

Bug fixed in VHF database update routines not updating new locators in some circumstances.

Added MWD "Most Wanted Squares" format export window to VHF database.

Added Distance checking to locators in VHF database display, click on any square for distance calc.

Added IOTA UPF file export to IOTAMEM software - MUST be used with v1.5 and after.

WAZ database overhauled and added eConfimed queries.

WAS database overhauled and added eConfimed queries.

Added eConfimed checking for WAS and WAZ to LCR

Export Log as HTML document with JavaScript header that will work as a simple online log search without modification - no applet required.

Export log as Text option now possible to change text delimiter " : " ; " ; "

Yaesu, Kenwood and Icom RCW's have added Transverter IF offset options added,

Kenwood RCW has changes to support Elecraft K2 (thanks Jim W0EB) and further changes for TS2000 and other Kenwood.

Added mini window option to Yaesu, Kenwood and Icom RCW.
Prefix database updated latest release 15/10/2004 with TX9 (Chesterfield) added.
Help file updated
73 de Colin Morris G0CUZ

08/10/2004 NEWS

Latest prefix database update now available 08/10/2004, added VP8SGB, TO7X, ZY0K plus some minor adjustments.

01/10/2004 NEWS

Latest prefix database update now available 01/10/2004, added HF0QF and changed ZS9 to SAfrica.

Winlog32 version 2.7 build 10 release will be available in a couple of weeks time. with some additions, improvements, fixes etc.

15/08/2004 Winlog32 v2.7 build 1 released.

This version has the following changes, corrections etc.
Corrected problem in deleting RIn/Out.

Yaesu FT-1000 series added to rig control options - Thanks due to Len, GM0ONX and other testers for the CONSIDERABLE help.
Added control for the Yaesu FT8*7 series

Bug fixed in WAB database with adding and updating some N.Ireland areas.

Improved Grid locator checking from Cluster spot data.

Added formatted output on spots to cluster like "HisLocator<ES>MyLocator" or VHF frequencies so that spot locator can be picked up by robots. Propagation is added from Prop field in log.

Improved 'Station Location' window, now Base Locators added to Station location are unique to each LOG/database and are used for main QRB/QTF calculations for multiple logs/databases where logs are from different locations

Added more features for User Database(s) including auto-lookup.

Bug Fixed Start Kenwood RC window minimised

Added further checking to prevent non numeric characters being entered into STIME & ETIME

Updated many of the individual Islands awards in the Islands database (this will require the file replacing).

Help file updated.

Prefix database updated

16/06/2004 NEWS Winlog32 v2.6 build 4 released

Has bug fixed for new users with Log Page columns not showing upon first installation.
Build 4 has also a couple of other changes/inclusions which were destined for v2.7 but have been included with this release.....
Fixed DIB Islands Database heading to read 'Brasilian Islands..."
Added Islands DIP Portugese Islands to Islands database.
Added application save of window state and position, Winlog32 can open in normal or maximised window state.

04/05/2004 NEWS

Winlog32 v2.6 build 3 has a couple of minor fixes.

02/05/2004 NEWS Winlog32 v2.6 May 2004 release

I am pleased to announce the release of Winlog32 v2.6 build 1
Here are the major changes, additions and corrections (or see changes.txt file after installation)
Modifications to behaviour of TAB key and ENTER key to improve log input
TAB now cycles ALL Log Input areas, but still does not trigger any log routines.
ENTER Key skips Band, Mode, Power and Prop input boxes after putting in values although this gives less opportunity to edit 'on-the'fly' with the ENTER key - it does reduce the number of key presses.
Exception to this is when 'Allow KHZ' option is enabled Band input box is NOT skipped so as to allow entering KHZ to existing Frequency band.
The interaction between TAB and ENTER is improved for editing and general navigation of the Log input area. Users are advised to make full use of this interaction.
Don't forget that holding down RETURN whist pressing TAB reverses TAB direction., and 'Esc' key puts the cursor directly into 'Callsign'

Function Keys can now input text into the Report fields as well as Remarks and User fields
Added additional options to turn on/off Alert, spot and talk sounds, together with an ALL off option.
Added Callsign alert. Watch for specific callsign or part calls.

Added selectable Contest Database to feed Cabrillo output, Cabrillo contest output highly modified over previous function.

Added Online lookup of QRZ Callsign database to Callbook Window lookup routines (requires subscription with QRZ.COM).

Added 'minimise' window option to Rig Control Window.
Change to Kenwood rig polling.

HELP FILE revised
Corrected "subscript out of range" bug when right clicking on DXCluster window when nothing received in the DXCluster window.

73 Colin, G0CUZ

13/03/2004 NEWS

I have released an interim version which is available now, this is build 12 of v2.5 and has the eQSL upload fix and the Kenwood Rig Interface.
If you are not interested in these features then you may prefer to wait for the next full version.
73 Colin, G0CUZ

13/02/2004 NEWS

Registered users are placed on a mailing list upon registration to receive news updates about Winlog32.
This mailing list will NOT be used for any other purpose whatsoever!
The newsletter is sent after each full version release or after a period of time whenever there is some useful information.

After a mailing session as always I get a number of mail messages returned (bounced) for various reasons e.g. mailbox full, address unknown, spam catcher etc.

I delete these addresses from the mailing list after each mailing as a matter of course, this does NOT affect your registered status!

If you are a registered user who has not received the last message dated at above date in heading and wish to receive future mail then you need to ask to be re-instated, you will need to include your registered callsign and current email address.
I am sorry to say that I limit this service to registered users of Winlog32, the list would be to big to manage otherwise so please do not ask to be included if you are not a registered user of Winlog32.
73 Colin, G0CUZ

07/02/2004 NEWS, Winlog32 v2.5 build 1 is available

See "changes.txt" included with the update for full details.
v2.5 includes:
Rig Control for ICOM rigs with CI-V
MixW DDE Interface.
Transfer Call, Freq and Mode to LOG from DXCluster Window.
Added option to Print Latin Zero.
Added option to auto-display Info-Link window.
Prefix database updated.
Plus some fixes and minor changes.

06/01/2004 Winlog32 v2.4 build 12 available

See "changes.txt" included with the update for details.
Only detail changes in build 12 to correct wrong query of Confirmed QSO data in DXCC database.

28/12/2003 Winlog32 v2.4 is now available

to all Winlog32 users and visitors to this site.
See "changes.txt" included with the update for details.

If you have any problem with the earlier v2.4 release then please try the new build 11 file which has some bug fixes (read changes.txt in download file).
Thanks to everyone for their help and support in 2003

26/11/2003 NEWS

Prefix update available 26/11/2003 (includes recent TO's)

Download "" from the Download database updates page and unzip "pfx.tpl" and "prefixupdater.exe" files into your Winlog32\Data folder, run "prefixupdater.exe" to update your Prefix database.

07/11/2003 Winlog32 v2.3 build 4 Released.

Revised Log operation Tab and got/lostfocus skips all auto-procedures, functions, searches etc. now ONLY work with Enter key.

Added save option on Keep date Current, if Auto date OFF and Keep date ON then option saved as this on shut down, switch off AutoDate does not enable 'Keep Date'

Search Callsign, amended function slightly and added PARTIAL button, searches any part of Callsigns.

Added Ctrl + D for QSO deletion

BAND tag added to ADIF output.

Added last exported QSO # for LoTW ADIF export.

Winkey window larger and 4 extra Memories added - Mem 8-11

Winkey converts reports to Upper Case e.g. 59a becomes 59A for correct sending.

Winkey sets pin mapping to user requirement on startup

Winkey Clear text button moved from Memory toolbar to main toolbar next to Clear ALL button.


Frequency formatting in Seach page fixed

WLNet window: "SEND COMMAND" clears text after command sent.
Plus a few other minor things......

24/09/2003 Winlog32 v2.2 build 3 released

A new file with a modified executable (build 3) with a couple of fixes.
ADIF export for ARRL LoTW, there was a major problem in build 2 using the TQSL frequency conversion routines, if using TQSL then you need build 3!
From 2.2.3 the ADIF exports also the BAND tag.

The display problem with 'local' time/date has been fixed.

21/09/2003 Winlog32 v2.2 Released

Station Location can be determined for each Log. Menu/File/Station Location.
Real time upload to eQSL
Frequency Format Display Option
ADIF export for ARRL LoTW

Settings window re-vampted.
LOG: slightly increased area to accomodate wider input boxes necessary for frequency display.
"TEST" in Callsign field does not do prefix searches.
Exported ADIF added non-compliant tags to import QSL IN/OUT correctly into Winlog32
Log Check Robot will pause if no country allocated to callsign, enabling the "Add/Change Country Allocation window" to be updated if required. 'Skip U/P' option will need to be un-enabled.
Help file improved and enlarged with explanation of new options.
Prefix database has undergone a major overall, run the prefix update.

Error 5 sometimes occuring when opening DXspot window. Fixed.
Background colour of active input boxes turning black unexpectedly. Fixed.

06/09/2003 NEWS

Work is progressing on v2.2 which I hope to release around mid-September.
2.2 will include these new features:

A "Station Location" definable for each LOG.
Real Time upload QSO's to eQSL.
ADIF export option for ARRL LoTW (goto LoTW from the 'Links' menu)
User definable Frequency display format.
Updated Help file to include above additions.
Plus one or two other minor improvements and fixes.
73 de Colin G0CUZ


The latest version of Winlog32 is now available from the Downloads page.
v2.1 has some new features:
Cabrillo export option for the Log and Search Page, this option is still under development but has been included for those who may be interested to see the work so far.
INFO LINK, a new window which will allow additional notes to be added for an individual Callsign, includes a 'file' option where you can add a file or URL, from there a button will launch your default viewer/browser.
Search Dates mini-window has been added.
Other improvements include
Improved Winkey interface with loop/beacon option.
The Solar Database Window has been finished.
The Help file has been updated.

30/07/2003 NEWS

A new update to the Winlog32 Prefix database is now available from the Downloads pages. There have been around 100 additions including amendments to the U.K. Class B licence HF privilege, these show from 26/07/2003.

02/07/2003 NEWS

As you are reading this you must have realised that the new site is up and running, the old has now been closed and the domain abandoned, so please correct any links you may have to the new address.....
I think the new domain name reflects the true nature of the home of Winlog32, 'Winlog' - is a name used by some other non-Amateur Radio related software and often I am getting correspondence about this 'Winlog' which usually has me baffled for a while!
I apologies for the abrupt end to the previous site which has served us all well for several years, but as I now have a DSL connection, I felt that still using a specific dial-up every time I wanted to make changes at the Winlog32 web site was an un-necessary inconvenience and expense.
Now that I have continuous access to the new Winlog32 site, this will enable me to make announcements, updates and additions much more easily and more frequently.
73 Colin G0CUZ

27/06/2003 NEWS

A few problems reported with v2 are regarding lost menu item settings, this occurs mainly in non-English versions of Windows.
The latest build executable included in the downloadable file build #9 should have this problem corrected, if you are experiencing 'lost' settings then check which build you have in the Menu/Help/About window.
Other than the above most other things appear to be working OK in the new version, so now I can get some sleep at night?
Thanks to those who have provided valuable feedback on the new version.

01/06/2003 NEWS

After much work and a long delay WINLOG32 v2.00 now available from download page.

30/04/2003 NEWS

Still a few niggly little problems to sort out with v2 sory for delay

30/03/2003 NEWS

Just a progress report on Winlog32 version 2.
V2 now has it's own socket connection for Internet DXClusters (no more third party software required), those who are using the Internet for linking to DXClusters will know how much faster it is than the packet network, the basics are working well and I may expand this feature later.
Other work has been done o the DXCluster feature, including user definable Alerts on the cluster info and optional Band/Mode checking against the DXCC database.
I have also added an easy "Get Going" database/log for first time users.
From correspondence I get, I appreciate that many new users have had problems getting to grips with the principals of making databases and logs - perhaps some have been put off by this initial trouble and given up, this is now a very simple process requiring only one user input of their callsign when starting Winlog32 for the first time, of course I have retained the option to manually add further databases and logs.
I am still making minor changes to v2, I really do want to put out a test version soon but have to make the install program yet, and the help file is still not finshed....

01/03/2003 NEWS

Have not had much time last month to work on Winlog32, but it is progressing slowely.
I will be looking for some testers for v2 in due course, there are many changes at code level, so although it looks much the same - it isn't and every aspect will need testing.
It is also my intention to re-write the help file, but this in itself will take me some weeks to do but hopefully it will be ready in time.

29/01/2003 NEWS

Work is progressing with v2, most of the work in converting to new the new development platform is finished.
I have added a restore back-up feature, and some other database maintenance features.
Also users can now select a background colour for 'active' input boxes in the Log.
Work is progressing with the Winkey interface too, Winkey is the latest bit of hardware to come out of the K1EL stable available in kit form, for more information on this 'pic' keyer visit the K1EL site.
If any keen CW operator who would like to help test the Winlog interface please let me know, N.B. the Winkey hardware IS required.
It is too early to say when v2 will be ready for testing, please be patient, meanwhile v1.9 appears to be running well as very few reports have come in to the contrary.

29/12/2002 NEWS

My thanks to all Winlog32 users for the continued support, encouragement and nice comments on the software.
You will be pleased to know that I intend to continue development and support for Winlog32 during 2003, most of the immediate work will be towards the release of version 2.
Initially the changes for v2 will mostly be in the underlying code in an upgraded development environment. These changes will allow further improvements and additions to the software in the longer term.
If you are a registered user of Winlog32, you should have received email recently via your email address registered with me, if this is not the case, it's likely that the email address you supplied is no longer valid and has been removed from the mailing list, if you wish to be re-instated please let me have your current email address.
Colin G0CUZ

07/12/2002 NEWS

I have updated the Winlog site now the download links should be working

30/11/2002 NEWS

Due to some changes on the host server, file downloading may be disrupted during the next few days, please be patient.
Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.

09/11/2002 Winlog32 v1.9 is now available

The update file is a dual purpose single package zip that will also install the full version too.
It is important to read the instructions on how to update your previous version on the update page.
Those who have been waiting to use the QSL Designer, are advised to read the "QSL.txt" file, which after updating can be found in the Winlog\QSL folder, this gives intructions on how to use it and some helpful tips are included.
Other changes in v1.9:
Second Contest 'Option' which allows remarks to be entered.
More ADIF import/export improvements.
Check QSL Card option for Log Check Robot (auto-adds QSL Cards to QSL database)
Plus other minor changes/fixes.

20/10/2002 NEWS

Winlog32 v1.9 is undergoing final testing and fine tuning.
It will be released early November 2002, and will include the QSL designer, I may also make available an additional design 'pack' a little later which will include popular logos and some background picture files.

21/09/2002 NEWS

The mirror download site should now be working.
If you have problems downloading any files directly from the Winlog site you can try the alternative mirror files from the Winlog download pages.

The mirror site can also be accessed directly in the event that the Winlog homepage goes down:

This facility has been kindly offered by Ltd (
Shortly, if there is no objections, I will be discontinuing the files offered for Super Winlog v2, all development for this software stopped several years ago and it's doubtful if any one is still using Windows 3.1 or SWLv2 ?

15/09/2002 NEWS

There are some intermittent problems with the Winlog site at the moment, I am looking into it.
I hope to provide a mirror site for the software download shortly.
Colin G0CUZ

15/08/2002 NEWS

Work is still progressing with v1.9, the main improvement being the QSL Card designer and print method which is gradually taking shape.
Some test files have been sent to some users but I am still waiting for reports to come back.
Being the summer season, I have been busy with other interests e.g. relaxing etc!, but work should progress more swiftly October onwards when there are not so many other things taking up my time.
Thankyou to all the guys who continually give support and and encouragement.
The Winlog32 Forum is regularly visited by users and I try to visit myself and provide any needed help or comments whenever I can.
The contents are now quite an in-depth archive of Winlog32 related matters, it may be worth checking to see if the question you always wanted to ask has already been asked and answered.
Colin G0CUZ

13/07/2002 NEW EMail address

Please note the new email address for Winlog32 related mail:
This address should now be used for all 'Winlog32' mail, if you use any other mail address it may result in delays, so please amend your address book.
I apologise for the lack of an email address during the last couple of weeks and thus lack of support.
All is now resolved and I can continue my excellent service to users.

06/07/2002 EMail and site problems

Sorry for the error in the 'downloads' section of the Menu bar of the Winlog site, this probably has caused some confusion for those looking for the latest v1.8 (build 3-fix) this has now been corrected.

I should be back online around 13/14 July, I will post the new Winlog EMail address here on the News Page and elsewhere.
Registered users will be notified of the new address direct to their Email address.

02/07/2002 Winlog email address

The Winlog email address "" and my other addresses at btinternet are no longer valid, a new address will be notified to users on this site in 2-3 weeks time, I am sorry to say that during this time I will NOT be contactable via email so any urgent help enquiries could be directed to the Winlog Users Forum where other users or visitors may be able to help you.
The "" addresses are still valid but I will probably NOT be collecting mail from these addresses during this period either.
Normal service will be resumed shortly! - Sorry for the inconveience.

28/06/2002 fix for Cluster 'spot' button

If you use the DXCluster and have noticed that the 'Send Spot' button has vanished in v1.8, you need the latest build3 executable which has the fix for this from Downloads/Update page.
If you do not use the DXCluster 'Send Spot' button, then it is pointless downloading the file.

22/06/2002 v1.8 release

The update zip is now available.
N.B. A bug crept into v1.8 build1 when VHF Locator checking and Speed log enabled together, build2 now cures this problem and new exe is included in latest update file (21/06/02 - you only need wl32.exe to update from build1 to build2).
Some improvements for version 1.8..........

Search Log for locator added to VHF Locator check mini-window - this will also check any locator in the 'Remarks' field when the search is empty.
Back-up Log toolbar button. (allows backing up the log file during use)

Back-up Log added to menu (file).

"Change/Select Database" button added to Log window. - Change the database without opening the Options window.

All 'Digital Modes' query in DXCC database with new update procedure which group DXCC digi modes together, existing entries in the DXCC database need editing manually so that each and ONLY digi modes have a trailing space character e.g. "PSK" becomes "PSK " but "SSB" stays as "SSB" (e.g. no space character). This does NOT affect any data entered into the log and if you do not work or are not interested in digital modes for DXCC then you need to do nothing. Individual digital modes (RTTY, PSK etc) can still be queried seperately.

Contest auto-serial numbering added with mini-window.
Position of Callbook window saved.
Auto-correction of two problem Country names in DXCC database.
Plus a few minor bugs fixed
Download the update/zip file, extract the wl32.exe file replacing your original (suggest you keep a copy of the original), other files you may already have as these were released with the v1.7 update.
If updating from any version before v1.7 then you may need also the new format Prefix database, this is NOT included with the v1.8 update, to prevent inadvertant overwriting of later database.
73 Colin G0CUZ
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04/05/2002 Progress News

Latest Prefix update available May2002, unzip to winlog\data folder and extract both files replacing any existing, run 'prefixupdater.exe' file and update is automatic.
GQ/MQ/2Q prefixes added and a few other changes/amendments.

04/05/2002 Progress News

Working on v1.8, added simple auto-number facility for casual contest working, slight changes to Allocate Prefix/Callsign procedure, some work done on QSL Card generator, sorry no work done on Rig CAT interface (lack of time) other than research, some thoughts and research on the new ADIF2 interchange format & LoTW, and some other minor fixes/changes. Hope to make some real progress in early June, hopefull I will have more time then.

14/03/2002 - v1.7 release

The update is now available ! !

10/03/2002 - v1.7 release suspended

As some have reported runtime errors with v1.7, I have temporarily suspended the download until the problem is sorted.

09/03/2002 - v1.7 released

The latest version v1.7 is now available.
Download from this site and follow instructions contained in the text file 'wl32_v1.7.txt' included with the zip.
This is a fairly major update so it is essential that you follow those instructions to enable the new features and correct function of v1.7
Improvements include;
Custom Search module (for any of the databases) using editable plugin files - samples included with update.
New Prefix database format.
Improved prefix search procedures.
User Country allocation to any callsign - prefix
GoList - GoWin QSL Manager interface.
Specific ADIF export for eQSL
Internet callsign lookup
Several other improvements, changes and fixes.

01/02/2002 - Prefix update and ADIF-eQSL

I have uploaded the latest Prefix database (01/02/02) and is now available from download page, includes VP8THU & VP8GEO- for those lucky enough to work them.
I am modifying the code for the ADIF export for e-QSL, any comments welcomed about this aspect on the Forum.

12/01/2002 - Beacon Database link

The beacon database incorporated in Winlog32 is provided and maintained by Alan, GI0OTC, the latest version of this database can now be downloaded direct from his web site, a link is provided from the menu item Download-DB updates.
The plug-in search module for WL32 is now undergoing testing, so far the plug-in searches are available for the log only, after initial release of next version I will expand to incorporate ALL the databases available in Winlog.
I hope also to incorporate an editor so that you can modify or create your own plugs-ins too.
I will make available a selection of standard plug-in modules available from this site.
You will be able to copy/modify/create/distribute whatever plugs you like.

4/01/2002 - *WINLOG32 FORUM ONLINE*

The Winlog32 Users Forum, is now online, use the link from the menu bar of this site.
Any and all Winlog32 users are encouraged to use this forum for all matters relating to this software, to offer and seek advice, contact other users, discuss aspects with other users, etc. etc.
To use the forum you will need to register with the forum with a user name (I suggest your Callsign) and a password of your choice..
I sincerely hope that the forum will be used for the purpose that it is intended, any misuse and you may be excluded, any gross misuse and the forum will be closed down immediately.
Finally please be patient, the providers Brinkster offer this forum for our use FOC, sometimes it can be slow or maybe offline, I'm sorry but I have no control over this.

30/12/2001 - * H * N * Y * Prefix update

* * HAPPY NEW YEAR * * to all visitors to the WL web site - I thanks you all for the continued interest and support during 2001.
JANUARY 2002 Prefix database update now available. Includes the new M3 prefixes and a small amount of other changes and additions.


If any registered users have not received the recent email, please contact me to check if you email address is still valid. The recent mailing - as always - bounces some mail - these are removed from the mailing list as a matter of course.
Very early in the new year - I will be setting up a USERS FORUM this can be accessed by anyone both to ask questions and get them answered and to pass along tips and tricks, criticism or praise or whatever else as long as it is of interest to Winlog32 users, I urge you all to use and contribute to this forum. More on this later......

20/10/2001 - v1.6 build 8

Replaced wl32.exe in update file with v1.6 build 8, this has a couple of bug fixes, and now the help file should work in NT4 - W2K - XP.

>12/10/2001 - Prefix Update

October Prefix database now available. Several additions including some of the recent expeditions.

05/10/2001 - v1.6 available

Version v1.6 has now been released and can be downloaded from the usual page, included with this version:
Rover Mode for those guys constantly changing position, e.g. maritime operations.
Locator (grid) database filter on Prop. Mode.
Option to disable 'pwr' field input.
Change in ADIF header to avoid incompatibility with eQSL.
and a few other minor changes and one or two minor bug fixes.

15/09/2001 - Winlog32 Webpage

The September issue of the Prefix database is now available for download, there have not been many additions recently due lack of information and user input.
Work is finished on WL32 v1.6. Improvements forthis version:
Rover Mode for those guys constantly changing position, e.g. maritime operations.
Locator (grid) database filter on Prop. Mode.
Option to disable 'pwr' field input.
Change in ADIF header to avoid incompatibility with eQSL.
and a few other minor changes and one or two minor bug fixes.
I will issue this update shortly

7/07/2001 - Winlog32 Webpage

Work is progressing on WL32 v1.6. Improvements forthis version:
Rover Mode for those guys constantly changing position, e.g. maritime operations.
Change in ADIF header to avoid incompatibility with eQSL.
One or two minor bug fixes.

10/05/2001 - Winlog32 Webpage

Version 1.5 update available now.

07/04/2001 - Winlog32 Webpage

Prefix database update April 2001, Available NOW. Some revisions and additions.
Work is still progressing on WL32 v1.5.

01/03/2001 - Winlog32 Webpage

Major prefix database update March 2001, around 300 new entries, many call areas added including Philippines, Indonesia, most Central & South American countries and also recent expeditions. Available NOW.
Work is steadily progressing on WL32 v1.5.

14/01/2001 - Winlog32 Webpage

The website has been redone and uploaded to the home page. I hope that you like the new layout. Use the menu at the top of the screen to navigate around the site. Feel free to E-Mail any comments about the site.

news pre 01/01/2001 not available

See Current News and development history.