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Winlog32 'User' Database(s)

The 'User' Database (user.mdb) is not supplied with the Winlog32 distribution package, but I do encourage those who may be interested to have a go at making their own or using one of the existing available.
This page is devoted to other users who have made their own database and are willing to make it available to other hams who would like to use Winlog32 for their award chasing interests.
Full information on how to make a database, and on how to use it can also be found in the Winlog32 help file.
I will be glad to help with advice for any future project, but the work and credit will be yours!
Got a working User.database you would like to share? - please advise me and I will include your information, links etc. on this page.

N.B. Any such User database file, will be the property and responsibility of the originator regarding credits, copyrights, distribution, updates and corrections and all correspondence regarding it should be addressed to the originator - not to Winlog32.

4X4-2238, Eyran has built an fine example of what can be achieved, his database can be used for chasing 25 individual awards, such as Islands, Lighthouses and Castles etc.

PLEASE NOTE (2018). The user database by 4X4-2238 is no longer supported by him, but still available to download in the original form.
The various award information and listings may be out-of-date, but is included if anyone has interest in making their own or modifying or updating this file.

Download the 4X4-2238 User 'Awards' Database

Graham, M0AZJ has provided some further awards SOTA, SCOTIA, ARLHS, IOSA and WABA.
Please note that this file is available on an 'AS IS' basis and you will need the User database already installed.

Download this additional user file HERE


You need a User database already installed for the additional awards
Unzip the file, add the file 'user.tpl' to your ..\winlog32\Data folder
Menu/Database/User/Update User database, add which award interests you.
You will need to re-load your log to show any new award in the User awards list.

More information on the 4X4-2238 award database, (also included in document form with the downloadable zip.)........

Credits Goes To : ONL-5923 Peter , For Encourage me To make these Databases, 9A7K(CLHA), RZ3EC(RRA/RDA),RA9MC(RRA),RZ3GW(RLHA),UY5YE(UIA),IK1GPG(DCI),ON5UD(BCA) For Providing me Detailed References Lists For these Awards .

The User.mdb File was Tested Successfully without any Bugs , in my Winlog32 Install ,there is No Reason why it shouldn't work for you too !

Just Be Careful , If You already have installed a User.mdb File , Backup First ! Using this User File will Overwrite Your Old User File !

Here's a Preview Of the Content Of this User Database :
  • SPIA- Polish Islands Award
  • UIA - Ukraine Islands
  • WAIL - Worked Italian LH's
  • DLD- Duetch Districts Award
  • DCFP- Portuguese Castles & Fortresses
  • DCFC-HF - French Castles Award
  • WABA- Work Antarctic Bases
  • DCI- Italian Castles Award
  • DCE - Spanish Castles
  • JCC -Japan Century Cities
  • JCG - Japan Century Guns
  • DLTD - German LH's
  • AL-FA - Argentinian LH
  • DFP- Portuguese LH's
  • WLOTA - World LH Award
  • RLHA - Russian LH's Award
  • UDA - Ukrainian Districts Award
  • DCC - Catalonian Castles Award
  • DPLF - French LH Award
  • CLHA - Croatian LH Award
  • BCA - Belgian Castles Award
  • ULA - Ukrainian LH Award
  • DMF - French Mills Award
  • RDA - Russian Districts ( Updated Database )
  • RRC - Russian Robinson Club (Updated Database)

Installation Instructions:

Unzip the User.mdb File into : Winlog32/Logs/Your Log Folder .

Then Go into Winlog32 and Click "Load" and You'll see 25 Databases In the User Section.

Known issues :

1. DLD Award-Is Updated Except The Sonder DoK's .

Most of the Sonder DoK's are Deleted or Old Ones.I Included Only the Important and Known Ones.

2. AL-FA Award :Is Updated .There are Few Entries without a Number of Reference , it is Ok ! that's How it is Known Up to Date !

3. DCI Award : Is Updated . Except the New Names For Castles/References, I just Included the New References .

I Will Keep the DCI Updated since I am a DCI Chaser.

You'll find some Entries with @!@#%& -Due Language Issue !

You will Find some Entries with Small Letters –That's the Updates .

4. Spanish Awards Databases : All Spanish DB's were Fixed and Translated To The English Language Entries .

Sorry IF There will be some Entries with ^&%$#@ Letters, I tried to Fix Everything.

5. SPIA: Updated List Of Polish Islands , Though SPIA Is already in the Islands Database.

6. RDA –Updated List .

7. RRA :Updated List Of RRC(Russian Robinson Club) Islands , Though RRC Database is already in the Islands Database.

8. DFP :The References In this Database are Not Sorted In an alphabetic Order, Just Click the Reference Table and it Will be Sorted Ascending , NOT Critic.

Holyland Squares Database : I Was asked by Many Guys , to make an Holyland Award Squares Database For Winlog32.

Sorry , But there are 2 Reasons why I am Not Doing it :

First :There is a Record and Claim Book For this Program , so it'll be Useless !

Second : There is No Source Online For these Squares , and I do not have Much Time ATM o Create Manually Such a Huge Database, Sorry, Maybe in the Future...

How To Use :

You Must Type In the User Field in the Log , the Name Of the File and then Exactly the Reference as it is in the Database !

For Example : IF You logged IK1GPG/P Activated from Castle Reference AG-001, Then you MUST Type it like this :


Or let's say , you logged French Castle Station F5TRK/P From Reference 01-001 , then , BE Careful, and See how it looks in the Database :



Please ---Again , I tested all Databases and it Works Fine and Updated When it typed Correctly ! ! !

That's How the User Database File is Working !

IF You Still Got Problems Look again in the User Database Or Post a Massage in the Winlog32 Forum and I will Give You the Right Abbreviation.

I am The Responsible For This User File .

It Contributed Freely To Winlog32 Software .

Any Feedback Will be Welcomed !



July 2006